Saturday, December 13, 2008

Al Qaeda Sought Government Bailout?

Cartoon by Glenn McCoy found at on 12/12/08

“The FBI recently announced that it thwarted a major attack on New York City.

“Apparently the Feds discovered the plan had failed when Al Qaeda had applied for a government bailout .”

- - - NewsBusted, Episode 12/12/08

Why not? Everyone else is in line with their hand out. Our foolish government is the prime cause for most of the reason or need for the bailouts, in the first place. Yet they accept no responsibility. They blame Bush, the Republicans, the economy . . . but, in actuality it is government interference with pushing poor credit risk loans and putting unreasonable restrictions on businesses and industries such as the automobile business. For example, unrealistic CAFE standards instead of trying to secure foreign countries such as Japan to open their markets to American cars . . . Barney Frank and his fiscally irresponsible liberal ilk in Congress are the chief villains in these criminal caused bailouts.

NewsBusters is a conservative news and comedy website. Their newest NewBusted
episode includes the excerpt above.

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  1. The US does fund terrorism. I did not even mention in this article that U.S. supplied weapons to Iraq under Saddam Hussein.