Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Citizenship Censorship

Are You a Natural-Born Citizen, Barack Obama? We Need Proof.

A recent (12/04/08) AOL/Hot Seat Poll asked the following question.

Do you think there is any merit to the controversy surrounding Barack Ohama’s citizenship?

__X__ Yes
_____ No
_____ Not Sure

You betcha. As of today over 84,000 people took the AOL /Hot Seat Poll and 50% said yes. Yet, you hear nary a word from the Obama mainstream media band of biased socialist brothers and sisters.

He definitely gives the impression that he is hiding something. I really think he is trying to pull the wool over the eyes of Americans. He is a deceitful, dishonest, disciple of Karl Marx and Saul Alinsky believing it is okay to lie to achieve the ultimate end. That end, if and when Obama becomes President, will be loss of America’s sovereignty to some world body such as the corrupt, incompetent United Nations, advancement of pro-death (FOCA, abortion and euthanasia) and pro-homosexual (ENDA and hates crimes laws) causes.

The US Supreme Court has held two conference regarding two citizenship cases and they were both rejected prior to the Electoral College election on Monday. There are at least 10 more cases heading to the Supreme Court. Where were the so-called conservatives on this court? Somehow, someway President-elect Obama must be forced to establish his citizenship. We are relying on the word of the Democratic Party to have vetted their candidate. I do not trust that the Democrats did that job . . .

Some judge, some congressman or some Senator must stand up for the American people and the United States Constitution and demand that this possible usurper produce proof that he meets the citizenship requirements for the office of President. There is enough doubt. Is that too much to ask for someone who will take the reigns of this nation? A growing number of people are becoming informed, despite the mainstream media blackout or censorship of the story, and the demand will only grow for proof.


  1. if there was honestly an issue regarding obama's citizenship, don't you think that something would have been done prior to him accepting the nomination or even running in the primary? the reason that the supreme court has thrown out these cases is because it recognizes that they are ludicrous

  2. Jolene -

    Thanks for your comment. I am not convinced that Barack Obama was properly vetted by the Democratic Party. Are the courts fearful of being politically incorrect or appear to be prejudiced? I am not sure. All I know that experts have stated that Obama's certificate of life birth (COLB) which his campaign has purported as being authentic has been doctored.

    He is a dishonest politician, he has had questionable past associations that were glossed over or ignored by the mainstream media. I feel that he is hiding something. His grandmother claims that she saw him being born in Kenya . . . He refuses to release any of his school records - college, etc. Why? There are doubts.

    All he has to do is produce a birth certificate that shows he was born in the USA. Maybe he hasn't and can't because he wasn't born here . . .

    Just show us the birth certificate Barack . . .