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Kansas Physician George “Baby Killer” Tiller Finally on Trial, Part II

Today we conclude a two-part series dealing with a most atrocious late-term abortionist, George “Baby Killer” Tiller of Kansas. You could easily consider him grim Wizard or George the Ripper. This article also identifies one of the Wizard’s strongest political supporters, Kansas Governor and wicked witch, Kathleen Sebelius.

The New Kansas Wizard (& Witch) of Abortion
The following article consists of a letter to the constituents of a pro-life organization, Operation Rescue, which was meant to inform about the tragic situation existing in the state of Kansas.

The Wizard, Tiller

The Witch, Sebelius




"Dear Friend of Operation Rescue and the Babies,

“The woman in the photo above needs your prayers.

“She is Kathleen Sebelius—the Governor of the great state of Kansas, which she has transformed into ‘the abortion capital of the free world.’

“As you know, Kansas is the home of the notorious late-term abortionist George Tiller—who gleefully kills babies up to the moment of birth.

“Women from all over America—and all around the world—come to Wichita, Kansas, to have George Tiller kill their viable, healthy (but ‘unwanted‘) babies in the third trimester of pregnancy.

“He kills their babies for ANY REASON AT ALL—despite the fact that Kansas state law has set very specific restrictions on late-term abortions.

“The law says that a late-term abortion cannot be performed unless there is a serious threat to the health or life of the mother. (I know it’s not a perfect law—but it’s the best we have right now. And some way to save babies is better than no way to save them. We’ll keep fighting until the day there are NO legal abortions!)

“However, in the meantime we can use this Kansas law to prosecute and shut down abortionists like George Tiller who routinely violate the law—and kill late-term babies because their moms wanted to fit into their prom dress or go to a rock concert! (Those are real, documented cases by the way.)

“As you know, we at Operation Rescue are currently involved in the fight to prosecute George Tiller for committing these ILLEGAL late-term abortions.

“Because of your support of our work—and the efforts of fellow pro-life activists in Kansas—George Tiller now faces a Grand Jury investigation and 19 criminal charges that could land him in jail for more than 19 years!

“However, throughout every step of the battle that we’ve been waging against George Tiller, ONE powerful force has stopped us time and time again…

“Governor Kathleen Sebelius!!!

“You see, Kathleen Sebelius is an ardent pro-abort.

“She’s a liberal feminist who’s never met an abortion she didn’t like.

“And… she’s never met an abortionist she didn’t like—especially George Tiller!!

“But I suspect that what Governor Sebelius really likes about George Tiller is his MONEY!

“As you know, every politician these days needs truckloads of money to get elected. And when Kathleen Sebelius first ran for Governor of Kansas back in 2002, George Tiller was quick to come forward and offer hundreds of thousands of dollars to her campaign.


“Because he wanted PROTECTION.

“He wanted someone in the Governor’s mansion who would look out for his lucrative baby-killing interests—and keep him from getting prosecuted whenever he broke the law.

“That ‘someone’ was Kathleen Sebelius—who eagerly sucked up to Tiller… took his blood money… and proceeded to do his dirty work by using her power as the highest elected official in the state.

“First she appointed radical pro-aborts to the Kansas Supreme Court.

“Then she made appointments to the Board of Healing Arts and the Health Department so she controlled the only state agencies with abortion clinic oversight.

“Later, she vetoed every piece of legislation that might have impaired Tiller’s ability to kill babies!

“And then, when ‘the feathers hit the fan’ and Tiller came under fire from Kansas Attorney General Phill Kline for committing blatantly illegal late-term abortions, Kathleen Sebelius used every trick in the book and pulled every string imaginable to protect her single largest supporter, George Tiller.”

Read more here.

“Please pray righteousness will prevail regarding both Tiller and Sebelius. They must reap what they have sown. If by chance they get away with their crimes, there is a God in Heaven who will hold them accountable for every drop of blood that has been shed because of their behavior."

What more can be said about these two villains? There are many such alliances between abortionists and organizations that advocate them and politicians who have sold their souls for power, prestige and personal gain. Unfortunately and shamefully all this is at the tragic and costly expense of their fellow human beings.
Special kudos to the blog Exposing Liberal Lies, on which much of this article is based.

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