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Is the NAE Becoming Like the NEA? Part 3

I began a series of articles this past Sunday. The series is based primarily on the God-insulting, impertinent, insolent responses of Rev. Richard Cizik, the VP of Governmental Affairs with the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE), in an interview he gave to the NPR radio show (Fresh Air) hostess Terri Gross. Today’s post contains reactions of one Christian radio host to that interview, who heard the NPR Fresh Air radio show last Tuesday morning. This post also contains more transcribed excerpts from the NPR radio interview. I end this article with a few of my personal reactions to Cizik’s comments.


Ingrid Schlueter, Christian radio show hostess of CrossTalkAmerica.com was outraged, and justifiably so, by the comments of a man and an organization which claims to represent evangelicals, but which hypocritically spoke the opposite. She was particular incensed that a person calling themselves a Christian could ever vote for a person known to be vehemently and outrageously pro-abortion to such an extent of even supported the wicked partial birth abortion and being against the Illinois’ Born Alive Bill, which the then state senator Obama supported.

She commented on the well warn phrase, “God bless America.” She said, “You know I don’t even want to hear that anymore because God will not bless America. He will not bless America, first and foremost, because those who bear the name of His Son (Jesus), go out and DEFEND PURE EVIL on national radio . . . “ She went on to suggest that her listeners tune into the online archived version of the NPR show in question and hear for themselves why God will no longer bless America.

“You can lay it (the reason God may no longer bless this nation) at the door of men like Richard Cizik who have SOLD OUT for a smile from the American Left, a pat on the head. 'Slavering sycophancy' is what it is called . . . drooling, mewling after the approval of the hard core left, who are absolutely opposition to everything God has decreed in His Word. (They are) wanting the approval of Terri Gross and National Public Radio (NPR) listeners, wanting to appear thoughtful, above the polemic, above the sort of repugnance tendencies of the fundamentalist crowd. Oh, so erudite. Oh, so reasonable. Oh, so willing to find common ground. . ”

Another of her comments was that if Cizik represents evangelicals than the terms “evangelical” and true “Christianity” are now, more and more, actually becoming mutually exclusive terms.

Like I said she was livid.


On the NPR Fresh Air radio show which aired on 12/2/08, hostess Gross questioned Cizik about the affect of the election on the Evangelical Movement. “Over what direction the movement should head in, what issues should be emphasized? Cizik responded, “It was hard to know, Terri, even the young Evangelicals those that went for Obama. They clearly are pro-life. They are conservatives, but they also, well 32% of evangelicals voted for Obama, younger evangelicals that is. That is twice the number that voted for John Kerry four years ago. And this is a big increase in states like Colorado , Indiana and North Carolina. So, younger Evangelicals are probably the future, with that broader pallet. And they will determine the future of this huge movement that by some surveys estimate if you include children and the rest, a hundred million people, a third of all Americans.”


pursued the thought asking Cizik, “So in that younger group that you are describing is (same-sex) ‘marriage’ not a priority issue?” Cizik claims, “It is not as high now. In fact if you look at some figures these younger Evangelicals, they disagree quite strongly with their elders on that subject.” Gross continued, “Do you think that that is because younger people are growing up in an environment where they know (homosexuals and lesbians) who so many (homosexual) people who are “out” and once you know (homosexuals and lesbians) who are “out” maybe it is not so frightening . Cizik agreed and asserted, “Absolutely, the generational peers in clear,. four in ten young evangelicals say they have a close friend or family member who is (homosexual) or lesbian. And so much different than their elders, younger evangelicals they, well, 52% favor either same-sex marriage or civil unions. But it is not just on this issue, Terri. . . For example, fully 2/3s of young evangelicals say we would still vote for a candidate even if that candidate disagreed with them on the issue of abortion, and that is in spite of the fact that younger evangelical, they are decidedly pro-life. But they also rank other issues, economic issues, the environment – these other issue are very important to them. In fact, health care is just as important to the younger evangelicals as is abortion. And so they have a more PLURALISTIC outlook than do older, WHITE evangelicals. And they have a decidedly different posture with respect to the role of government here and abroad.”


My comments here are in response to Cizik’s statement above. The reason more and more young evangelicals are weakening on the positions regarding abortion and acceptance of same-sex behavior and are elevating the lesser issues is because you, my friend, and your organization and the churches are failing to hold up the Biblical standard.

Cizik seems content with this situation. He seems resigned to the current situation among young evangelicals, rather than being concerned. It is just the way it is. It is inevitable and acceptable to him.

I believe that it is the combination of many factors: government schools and its educational bureaucracy; the anti-American Marxist teachers union leadership; the leftist media including taxpayer funded public radio; the entertainment industry; all incessantly and egregiously promoting, defending, and actually propagandizing this perverse lifestyle almost force feeding the homosexual-lesbian lifestyle on our young people. Likewise on the issue of abortion the young evangelicals are being brainwashed into accepting a a woman’s “right to kill her baby.”

Many young evangelicals have been successfully brainwashed by godless, secular humanistic government schools. That, Mr. Cizik is why more and more young Evangelicals are rejecting Biblical truth and exchange that truth for the liberal LIE. Your job and the job of the NAE, bud, should be getting THAT message out rather than your seemingly condescending and even promulgating the LIE yourself. You Mr. Cizik are a co-conspirator as to why sinful homosexual behavior and abortion is being accepted by the church. You seem to be being swept along instead of putting your finger in the dyke and trying to warn and ward off continued degradation. Not only that you should be speaking out against it and lobbying on behave of pro-iife, abstinence education and anti-homosexual indoctrination. You seem to have bought into LIE, believing it and even telling it yourself.

What we need are pastors, churches, organizations and individuals who will proactively work to persevere and maintain godly scriptural-based principles rather than to compromise and cooperate with evil and the wicked world system, which you and the NAE appear to be doing.


Romans 12: 1, 2 (NASB) says:

“Therefore I urge you, brethren, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies a living and holy sacrifice, acceptable to God, which is your spiritual service of worship.


“And do not be conformed to this world (global warming nonsense, perversion of the definition of marriage, going along with the abortion atrocity), but be transformed by the renewing of your mind (not mother earth!), so that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good (abortion is not good, homosexuality is not good, civil unions are not good, worshiping the creation instead of the Creator is not good) and acceptable and perfect."

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