Saturday, December 06, 2008

Our Blowhard Congress

Cartoon by Larry Wright found on 12/3/08
Expected Congressional Actions and Inactions, A to Z
. . .
.Amnesty for Illegals
Bailouts Continued
Comprehensive Sex Ed Expanded
Deficit & Debt Increased
Energy Domestic Development Stifled
Freedoms Forfeited
Global Warming Lie Propagated
Humanistic over Godly Choices
Intolerance Toward Only True Christian
Jesus' Name Blasphemed & Banned
Killing of Babies Unleashed
Law of the Sea Treaty Signed
Manufacturing Base Discouraged
No Child Left Educated
Open Borders Left Unsecured
Pornography Promoted Instead of Prosecuted
Queer Lifestyle Elevated Instead of Abated
Race Baiting & Class Warfare Institutionalized
Sexual Revolution Realized
Tolerance of All Except True Christians & Christianity
UN Given Sovereignty Over USA
Victory Surrendered in Iraq
Welfare, Not Work Mandated
Xenophobia Toward Other-World Centered Christ Followers
Youth Brigade of Obama Introduced
Zion Nation Support Abandoned
. . .

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