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Is the NAE Becoming Like the NEA? Part 8

This is the final installment in a series of articles dealing with the 20 minute interview by the NPR Fresh Air radio show of Rev. Richard Cizik, who is the now former VP of Governmental Affairs for the National Evangelical Association (NAE). This interview was the last straw, it brought down this ravenous wolf in sheep's clothing. Cizik resigned last week. That interview was so enlightening into the mind of a man who purported to be the key voices of American evangelicals. What was in that mind was deception and lies and much that is antithetical and repugnant to Jesus Christ and to His message, and to Biblical truth.

Today we will explore the final portion of the interview and provide commentary on the interview and a few overall conclusions about the man and his now former organization.


Terry Gross attacks all conservative Christians and true Christ-followers, by asking, “Now let me just ask you a pointed question. Are you waiting for some of the evangelical leaders who have opposed you on issues like your concern about the environment and climate change—are you waiting for them to retire and leave the stage? And I guess I’m thinking most specifically, here, about James Dobson."

Cizik in the mode of a true compromiser and liberal appeaser answers, “I’m not waiting. I would want Jim Dobson to join us, because this is about creation care, it’s what the bible teaches, it is Godly, it is right. So I’m not waiting for him to leave the scene at all. I want him to join us. In other words, Terry, I’m always looking for allies not adversaries; always allies. This is important. It’s strategically important for Christians to care for this earth, just as it’s important for Christians to care for the family. These are equals; they’re both part of God’s concern, they’re both part of His heart. So no, I’m not waiting.”

Gross, agreeing with her interviewee queries, “I appreciate what you’re saying but at the same time I think the odds of you winning over James Dobson on this are probably slim, so do you think?”

Cizik, laughs in agreement mumbling unconvincingly and with little conviction, “With God all things are possible!”

Gross probes deeper, “…what’s going to change in the long run is that he and some of the other people who oppose your work putting environmental issues near the top of the agenda, do you think that what’s going to change is that they will retire and that there will be a new guard?”

Cizik brags a bit, “Well, sometimes I believe that occurs. Even some of the names back on the letter a couple years ago are gone. But that doesn’t change the fact that we all will pay a price for not changing. The earth is reaping the consequences of our actions when we don’t reexamine our habits of consumption, right? The poor around the world, well, they’re reaping the consequences of us failing to meet our obligations. This is not something that can wait for any of us to retire. (Some may be wanting me to, but...)

“The Gospel paints a vision of society that is relationally and environmentally sustainable. What do I mean by that? Relationally sustainable- it’s a message of hope that we all get along, not just get along but work together for a cause which is bigger than ourselves.”


Gross now asks Cizik about the Left’s favorite President, “Since we’re in the final weeks of the Bush administration, I’d like to ask you your thoughts as that administration comes to an end. What do you think were his achievements, what do you think were your greatest disappointments?”

Ignoring such stellar accomplishment as the fact that Bush disapproved funding for stem cell research, signed the partial birth abortion procedure ban, Cizik selects and cites, “Greatest achievements: surely the effort called the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS relief. This is felt in real ways in sub-Saharan Africa in ways that we in the West don’t even understand. They love us as Americans because of what George W. Bush did on that.

“I think, on the other hand, this man of faith failed to understand in my estimation, religion in the Middle East, and it led to a war that’s been unnecessarily long. It may have been right, as it were, to take out Saddam Hussein, but the way this war was waged in so many ways I think everyone would have to admit was ill-planned, ill-conceived and the rest. So, look, one has to have mixed emotions about the Bush administration.”

Gross continues to press Cizik about President Bush, “And what are the ways that you think he has helped, and/or hurt, the evangelical community?”

Bush didn’t please the rest of the world enough according to Cizik, who said, “I suppose George W. Bush’s faith was a mixed blessing. On the one hand, we evangelicals took pride in the fact that this man became president who openly said that he was a person of faith, for whom, even Jesus he said was his favorite philosopher. And yet, he didn’t in so many ways reflect that Jesus as we would have wanted him to have. With a humility and a fashion to the rest of the world that communicated just what kind of people we are. I don’t think that real picture ever came through.”


I think the most damning thing Cizik said was “It’s strategically important for Christians to care for this earth, just as it’s important for Christians to care for the family. These are equals; they’re both part of God’s concern, they’re both part of His heart.” Wrong, people, souls, are much more important to the Creator than the lower creatures, such as insects, birds, and other animals. Man, Rev. Cizik is the highest and most important of all of God’s creatures. We reflect the image of God. Deer and buffaloes and barracudas do not.


As I listened to this so-called conservative Christian pro-life Evangelical leader throughout the length of the NPR interview, I felt embarrassed, disgusted, and horrified that he would even name the name of Jesus and allege that he is a Christ-follower. From my perspective Mr. Cizik by his words and actions is neither what I consider to be (1) a conservative, (2) a Christian, nor is he truly (3) pro-life. Then what is he? The man is a (1) wolf in sheep’s clothing, (2) an apostate, and (3) an appeaser, and a (4) compromiser.

However, I am sure Cizik will resurface as a political advocate with the National Education Assoiciation (NEA), Green Peace or any of a number of other left-wing groups. Why? Because, philosophically, his ideology lines up more with the liberal elite than does he the conservative common man.. . .


As for the NAE, Bill Wilson in his 12/14/08
Daily Jot article, succinctly articulates the situation at the National Association of Evangelicals, “The damage done to the NAE and its image among those who take the Bible seriously (by letting Cizik run amok) will take a long time to repair. And it’s not just Cizik who was at fault. The mindset of the organization appears to have changed over the years to drift away from basic conservative Bible truths and to support the more seeker friendly Christianity without commitment, sin without consequences dogma that is permeating the Church. . .” That in a nutshell tells it like it is.

Based on the radio interview conducted with the NAE’s Cizik, the positions he espoused were nearly indistinguishable from the abjectly liberal, Marxist positions of the very liberal 'religious' National Council of Churches (NCC) or even the secular National Education Association (NEA). A few decades ago the NAE sprung into being to contest the growing apostasy found in the NCC, now the NAE finds itself in a state of denial of its own apostasy.


Bill Wilson concludes that “It is now a perfect time for the governors of the NAE and Mr. (Leith) Anderson (President) to conduct a complete audit of the issue and policy positions taken by Cizik to ensure that the NAE not only espouses Biblical truth in its writings and positions to its members, but also practices them in their relationships in Washington, D.C. and other places.”

What is needed in America is a renewal of the heart, mind and spirit starting with the Church and organization representing the Church, and starting with individual Christians. What Cizik and his NAE seem to be following is deceptive Gore-bought doctrine instead of Jesus’ message. Cizik’s NAE is saying that we need to be worrying about renewing the earth. If the NAE is saying this they are either a foolish deceivers or a deceived fools, Rev. Cizik and the NAE, I do not know of a gentler, kinder way to say it. I suggest that you get back to the Biblical basics.


Throughout this series I have made allusions, at least in the title of this series, to a tie between the NAE and the National Education Association (NEA). What the NEA has done for our schools, which amounts to nothing or worse, is just about what the Cizik's NAE has done for the Christian community, nothing or worse. The NEA is working to deliberately weaken our schools and dumb down American children. They feel indoctrination into such things as homosexuality and social justice are more important than learning to read and write and do simple math. Why are our schools among the worst achievers of all industrial nations? One big reason is the death grip the NEA holds on our nations educational system.

Likewise the NAE is less and less representative of evangelicals or true Christianity as demonstrated by the leftward shifting of leaders like Richard Cizik. The NEA and the NAE have anti-God, anti-Biblical philosophies, which sometime are indistinguishable, that seem to be merging, the letters of their initials are the same - just a little different order . . .

To quote the President-elect it is time for real change. Do you hear that NAE? It is time to get back to basic Biblical truth once more. After Cizik, that would be a refreshing change.

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  1. Gosh, he even says, "It may have been right, as it were, to take out Saddam Hussein..." He isn't even pro-peace! He takes the establishment position on every issue.

    As far as the environment goes, of course we shouldn't have carbon credits or excessive regulations. But if someone does something that really does damage someone else's health or property, they should have to pay just compensation. but this should be decided on a case by case basis in a court of law, not by big government bureaucrats.