Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Great Christmas?

Righting First Amendment Wrongs

A Great Christmas

By Andrew White, eleven years old , 12-3-08
Hattiesburg, Mississippi

“The best Christmas ever is when everyone is there.
It is when everyone is laughing here and there.
That is the Christmas I want to share.

"Christmas is about Jesus’ birth,
About peace on Earth.
This is what Christmas is about.

"It is when He lay in a manger.
And the three wise men come to see.
That’s what it means to me.”

The above poem was written by a Hattiesburg, MS student in Ms. Latasha Atkins’ sixth grade class earlier this month. This teacher downgraded his assignment because he used the name of Jesus. Is this happening in Hattiesburg, communist China? Is this taking place in Hattiesburg, Saudi Arabia? No, it is happening in America, the supposed land of the free, where the original intent of the original constitution is being violated with increasing regularity.

Constitutionally-illiterate, Ms. Adkins represents many teachers, who have been so brainwashed by Bill Ayers-like college professors of “re-education,” who train the majority of today’s teachers. These teachers have bought hook, line and sinker the lie that freedom of religion and freedom to express one’s religion ends when “the state’s” children walk through the metal detectors stationed a the front doors of many of this nation’s schoolhouses. At one time these schoolhouses where places of learning, but now they have been reduced to indoctrination centers creating students, These students are lucky if they receive a mediocre education, despite vast hoards money sunk into that malicious so-called educational enterprise.

Matt Staver, President of Liberty Counsel (LC), commented in regard to what young Andrew White faced in his local government school, “Christmas will become worthless in our Nation if we let our children forget that Jesus is the reason for the season.” Parents need to confront this evil attempt to silence their children’s freedom of religious expression in the classroom or anywhere."
In a press release Staver added: “Some educators need education that the story of Christmas is not banned from public schools. I am relieved that the situation was resolved by the principal but horrified that a sixth-grader was told by his teacher, ‘we can’t discuss these types of things in school.’ I don’t understand why some people don’t get it. Christmas is a state and federal holiday. Schools are closed to celebrate this holiday. Obviously, Christmas is constitutional.”

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