Monday, December 08, 2008

Microsoft Funds Intolerant Homosexuals

Taking Back the Rainbow

Last Friday, OneNewsNow reporter Allie Martin wrote a story titled, “Outspoken pastor confronts Microsoft execs.” In it he relates that last month black pastor, Ken Hutchison of the
Antioch Bible Church in Kirkland, Washington attended the annual Microsoft stockholders meeting where he confronted Microsoft founder Bill Gates and CEO Steve Ballmer and board members about their support and financing of homosexual activist groups. In his article Martin tells that Hutcherson brought up the recent protests by radical homosexuals against the outcome of the ballot imitative, Proposition 8, in which California voters settled the question that marriage was the exclusive domain of one-man, one-woman relationship.

In the article Microsoft stockholder Hutcherson explained, "And my question to Microsoft . . . (why are we) . . . supporting, with millions and millions of dollars, a group that has proven to be intolerant, that has proven to be hateful, violent, and [prejudiced] towards African Americans, [Opponents of the voter initiative] are now calling African Americans who voted for Prop. 8 by 'the N-word.'"

He was further quoted in the article as saying, "You know what they (Microsoft officials) said afterward? . . . 'Well, we have voted to continue our charitable gifts. That's why I'm saying I'm not going to stop because they have proven to be hypocrites. And if it was any other group, they would have stopped it immediately."


Martin concludes his story saying that Pastor Huticherson is “urging concerned Christians to purchase shares in companies like Microsoft who support the pro-homosexual cause and to request that they stop supporting intolerant groups."

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