Sunday, December 19, 2010

Flywheel, A Movie Review

I seldom watch movies, and even more rare do I write movie reviews, but here is a review of a movie that I watched on DVD recently. gregjaye, fellow blogger, several years ago also wrote a brief review of the same move you can see it here.

The movie Flywheel is about an entrepreneur who owns a used car lot. He bought a classic sports car which did not run and had his garage mechanic work on the car to correct the problem.

As a used car sales man he was making deals with people and selling cars above their worth and making them think they were getting a good deal at the same time. Admired by his employees the sales men working for him adopted his style. He didn’t spend much time with his family since his priority was making money. He learned that his son did not want to grow up to be like his dad and his wife’s questions irritated him.

Finally, he became feed up with the situation and asked God to forgive him and decided to do business God’s way. He cut the mark up on the vehicles he was selling to fifteen hundred dollars. The two sales men working for him objected that it would cut into their finances and quit. The man washing the cars was given the added responsibility of selling used cars. The proprietor worked longer hours and decided the proper thing to do was to give back all the money he had over charged his customers. The mechanic after working with the sports car for weeks decided it needed a new flywheel. That was the reason it would not run. The needed part was symbolic of what the proprieter needed, which was being obedient to God.

The bank was after him for more than thirty thousand dollars. A woman brought the car she had bought back crying and saying she could not finish making the payments so she gave him the keys. He said, “Wait a minute.” Ten he looked up the amount owed. Graciously, he wrote ‘forgiven’ on the credit slip and gave the woman the title for the car.

An extra sales man was needed to help sell cars at a low wage so the proprietor prayed and asked God for one. A college student came willing to work for minimum wage at selling cars for the experience. The bank was pressing the used car lot owner for its money by the end of the week. A news story ran Thursday night that only one reputable used car dealer was found of several checked. It was this man’s. The nest day people were waiting to buy cars when he showed up for work. All the cars sold and when the bank vice-president showed up there were no cars on the lot. All the cars had sold and enough money was made to pay the bank back in full.

The two sales men that had quit said the owner of the used car lot was dishonest and could not be trusted. That was why they had quit his business. The news crew confronted the owner and asked if this was correct. He acknowledged, “Yes”. The people who had been given the money back came and confronted the news people at the used car lot and demanded to tell their story of how he had given their money back. This made a hero out of the owner.

The mechanic by this time had secured a new flywheel free, installed it and the sports car was running fine.

The entrepreneur got his son out of school and took him for a long ride in the sports car.

The movie was entertaining, inspiring, and enjoyable to watch.

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