Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Mosques Mask Mischief & Mayhem

No Ground Zero Mosque? Yes, no more mosques, period!

Bryan Fischer this past August (August 10, 2010)  wrote an excellent article, "No more mosques, period,” on RightlyConcerned, a blog of the American Family Association. Hat tip goes to K.C. who had forwarded to me a link to that article. I reproduce which, for me, were some of the high points of this highly insightful However, I must warn you that the article is justifiably very politically incorrect, and very truthful.

"Permits should not be granted to build even one more mosque in the United States of America, let alone the monstrosity planned for Ground Zero. This is for one simple reason: each Islamic mosque is dedicated to the overthrow of the American government. 
"Each one is a potential jihadist recruitment and training center, and determined to implement the “Grand Jihad” of which Andy McCarthy has written...
"Because of this subversive ideology, Muslims cannot claim religious freedom protections under the First Amendment. They are currently using First Amendment freedoms to make plans to destroy the First Amendment altogether. There is no such thing as freedom of religion in Islam, and it is sheer and utter folly for Americans to delude themselves into thinking otherwise…
'The $100 million mosque on Ground Zero, a $100 million memorial to the glorious Muslim martyrs of 9/11 and built to celebrate the glorious conquest of Allah on that day, will almost certainly be built with lots and lots of Saudi money.
"The mosque’s imam, Faisal Rauf, will soon launch a fund-raising tour for this monument to slaughter in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Dubai. Even worse, American taxpayers are paying for this elaborate money-grubbing tour, money Rauf intends to use to destroy this nation from within. It’s hard to imagine anything more grotesque.
"Rauf refuses to condemn Hamas, and has said that America was an “accessory” to what  happened on 9/11. …
"Bottom line: it’s suicidal for America to allow terrorist training cells to crop up all over the fruited plain. And each mosque is an actual or potential terrorist training cell, as Anwar al-Awlaki has demonstrated. His north Virginia mosque was used to radicalize three of the 9/11 jihadis as well as the Major Hasan who shot up the infidel idolaters at Fort Hood…  
"American Muslims are being radicalized every single day in American mosques. We are sowing the seeds of our own destruction by allowing these improvised explosive devices to be established in community after community…"

You can read the enter blog entry here.

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