Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The incredible shrinking president

Cartoon by Jeff Stahler in Columbus Dispatch originally published 7/30/10


This cartoon by Jeff Stahler says it all, does it not? It was featured this past weekend on page I-15 in Sunday's (12/26/2010) Columbus (Ohio) Dispatch newspaper. My, how you've shrunk Mr. President in popularity and status. You have been a controversial and an increasingly unpopular President.

You have proven to be an unexceptional leader and first and foremost a true socialist ideologue.  You and your agenda have been rejected by a large number of voters in the November General Election. Despite that rejection, you and your radical Democratic-led Congress have insisted on continuing to pursue that ungodly, socialistic agenda until the very last minute of the 111th Congress. From the standpoint of Karl Marx you have been highly successful. However, George Washington would have considered you an absolute abject failure. 

This president has been an outstanding success in his own eyes. His puppet master George Soros must be pleased overall with the advances made by this radical leftist and his capitalist, union, congressional cronies, media moguls, educational elites, and assorted government bureaucrats. However, an increasing number of Americans, both those who voted for him and those who did not vote for him, both now feel he is taking the nation in the wrong direction. The Tea Party Movement is an outgrowth of President Bush's and President Soetoro aka Obama's failed policies along with the last two  Democratic controlled Congresses. 

This nation must be righted. The ship is listing badly to the left and has been for quite some time. Our true hope is in personal and national repentance and in the recognition again of the sovereignty of the one true  God. Hopefully, He will use the new Congressional conservatives to get this sinking ship uprighted, turned around and headed in the right direction. We need to do it quickly or we will all surely drown ... 

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