Monday, December 13, 2010

Left & Right: No to the Tax Cut Compromise!

Hat tip goes to where I first saw these three cartoons. It seems like only the unprincipled middle wants this compromise between the President and the Republican Party leadership. Although I would like to see the Bush tax cuts continued for everyone, I do not like the spending that is attached that will be 'needed' to bring it about through the so-called compromise.  I hope that the compromise fails and that none of the spending measures tied to it goes through. You just know if the current President and former President Bill Clinton agree on something that it can't be good. I oppose the measure because of the excessive spending (I heard upwards to $250 billion) that will take to avoid the expiration of the tax cuts. 

I would allow the Bush tax cuts to expire, if we could require through legislation that all Federal spending be limited to some percentage of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) such as 20% or 25%. It would mean eliminating a great deal of government waste across the board. This, however, is why we purged many in Congress of both parties this past election. We want to control the growth and spending of government. We need to take the credit cards out of the hands of the spendthrift President and Congress and demand that they create and live by a budget. We must stop increasing the deficit and start to pay it off. It will take sacrifice. It will be hard. But it can be done. Yes we can - reduce government spending - to quote a recent President. We must. We have no choice. Our nation very existence depends upon it!

Is this change we can believe in?
Gary Varvel Cartoon from 12/8/10
Twas the lame duck before Christmas when all through the House & Senate ...
Gary Varvel Cartoon from 12/9/10
Sometimes compromise is hard to swallow.

Gary Varvel Cartoon from 12/10/10

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