Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Man of Steele no more

Michael Steele: Color him GONE 
RINO RNC Chair Michael Steele has announced he is running for reelection.  The past few weeks have had all of the drama of a Brett Favre preseason.  Will he or won’t he. 
Steele is a RINO and should have done the party a favor by stepping down.  Unfortunately, his tenure as RNC chair has been more about promoting Steele than promoting conservatism.
Steele’s lackeys have already started the spin.  He presided over the great Republican sweep of the past election.
He did?  Oh really?
Let’s take a look at that.  Who was the chairman when the RNC went from having a substantial war chest to being unable to pay for a get out the vote effort right before an important election?
Which RNC chair presided over the RNC when it went from a huge surplus to having all of its credit lines maxed out and was unable to fun any independent expenditures for candidates this time?
While the RINOs like to try and give Steele credit for what happened in November, I have a question. 
How many Michael Steele rallies were there in 2009 and 2010? 
How many Michael Steele conventions were there in 2010?
How many Michael Steele candidates ran in 2010?
Read the rest of the TeaPartyNation.com article here.

Hat tip goes to TeaPartyNation.com which sent me a link to their article, which is excerpted above.

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