Saturday, December 11, 2010

Master of My Destiny by The Young Cons

Rap with a conservative soul, that's the Young Cons. They have produced some great words and music. See my previous posts of their great music here.

Master of My Destiny

You create your victims, I’ll create my victories.
Life is a test and my study guide is history,
avoiding shaggy futures ain’t a Scooby doo mystery,
I live for liberty with founding fathers on my pedigree.
Reagan on my family tree, I flow his knowledge lyrically.
You try to bring me down with your lies and mislabel me,
I’ll define myself with some crystal clear clarity
If you find them contradictory, I’ll humbly disagree you see.
Go back to the source and examine both your premises.
I spit policies to beats accompanied by symphonies.
I’m American, a patriot, and master of my destiny.
Vote out his majesty the economic travesty.

Serious C:
I’m the master of my destiny, captain of my ship
Don’t tread on me, I’m a Tea Party Patriot
Pelosi’s the star in the House, upstage her
Party for American with tea, real rager

I’m the master of my destiny, captain of my ship
Don’t tread on me, I’m a Tea Party Patriot
So much rhetoric and not enough results
Too many free riders and not enough John Galts

Serious C:
You are create your victims, I’ll create my victories.
Climbing from the swamp to the stars is my destiny.
Change ain’t a destination, Hope ain’t a strategy.
We’d live on our feet, before we die on our knees,
Pelosi’s like Eddie Haskell, tricks up the sleeve.
Her legacy is passing bills that she doesn’t read.
And back room deals, payoffs, and blatantly briberies.
Big government can’t make it rain i-pods,
can’t take your rights because they come from God.
If you’re the master of your destiny, let your head nod.
You can be an individual, discover your potential.
We make the tunes for the drones in the classrooms,
clones speaking out like copycats Chris Matthews.
Each and every one of us strive for superlative,
lots of Republicans but not enough conservative.


My sin is great, but God’s grace is greater
I call ‘em as I see ‘em, I don’t wanna be a hater
Consistently consistent you don’t have to guess my flavor
Some say I have a halo and others call me slayer
Don’t get my rights from government, I look to my creator
Libs that are mad at me, I’m doing you a favor.
Im dropping truth bombs on these libs… no jager
Wanna get schooled? Hit up U of Praeger.
Modern day scenario flowin from my microphone, 
Shut your lib lips and open up your ear lobes.
Let’s be honest, beyond this nonsense stimulus 
Busy with their taxes but not promoting business.
A tax is a fine on the human kind mind
Big governments been tried all throughout time
Its guaranteed to heed our standard of living
Death to the middle class while their cronies make a killing.
Love to pass bills but play golf when oils spilling.
Countries will collapse if they got debt to the ceiling,
I’m a Tea Party Patriot, a feeling very thrilling.


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