Friday, December 03, 2010

The Problem, a rap song by the Young Cons

Rap with a conservative soul, that's the Young Cons. They have produced some great words and music. See my previous posts of their great music here and here.

“Government is NOT the solution to our problem, government IS the PROBLEM!” --- Ronald W. Reagan

The Problem

Serious C:
I’m a dream chaser, fighting tax raisers
Conservative blood runs deep in my nature, 
Every bone in my body, every ounce of my being
I’m New England bred, don’t trend on me.
I’m Christian insistin’ my existence was instant.
I dismiss the miss hits of Lib’s lips.
I spit sense against the misfits who diss this. 
Too many collectivists, not enough capitalists.
America... it’s here we are free man.
I cover my ears to Will Ferrell, Matt Demon (Damon)
I’m steaming angry, rope (Hope) and chains (Change) didn’t grab me.
If you see Van Jones, tell him good luck with his theories.

Let’s set the record straight, I’m no Mr. Mathers
I rap about politics and stuff that matters.
Nanny state or free world, I’ll take the ladder.
Success ain’t served on a silver platter.
To all the Young Cons it’s no time to retreat
Conservatives are hungry, eat the RINO meat
The people called shotty (Shotgun), mothership takes the backseat
With the czar freaks, tax cheats, all tricks and no treats.
Uh oh! Too slow. There goes Marco Rubio.
Makin’ moves all the way straight to the Senate floor.
House passed a bill supposedly for health,
Sounds like distribution of wealth, lackin’ stealth.
If you want to opt out and give them a no way,
You’ll end up in handcuffs with no pay someday.
No other options that street is a one way

Serious C:
There’s no conservative mind as conservative as mine.
Too many Michael Moores, not enough Mark Steyns
I don’t worship trees, I don’t bow enemies
I hate media awfuls and ACORN brothels.
Listen... I don’t live for any man
You can live for yourself and through your own hand. 
Don’t bow to Japan or the Saudi plan
Can’t nobody top us, a Young Con conscience.
Yes, we love God, but he loved us first.
Our hearts beat 30 weeks before birth.
I’m serious... when I choose to say,
“You can be great you were born this way.”
Yo... I trade my soul for nothin’
Stimulus please just show me somethin’
“Fight the good fight” is the psalm on my mind
I’m a love spreading, go getting, flow spitting Young Con.

Pimps need a house, ACORN can acquire
Client number 9, probably ain’t retired.
I crave socialist blood, they call me a vampire
Van Jones is the truther and Joe Wilson knows the liar.
Weak sauce stimulus brought jobs to an end.
It was an epic fail so they did it again.
We see the facts thanks to Michelle Malkin
We spot the posers in this “Culture of Corruption”
Prayers go out to the fams at Fort Hood. 
It should be understood, shout-outs are no good.
It’s time to be an activist, fight the fascists
Stick up for the poorest by being down with the capitalist.
Pandering politicians need to leave us alone,
We the People are the boss and this year we send them home.
Lieutenant (Colonel) Allen West got some serious backbone
He’s healthy for our troops, but he’s sick on that microphone.

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