Friday, December 31, 2010

Why ObamaCare must be repealed!

There was an excellent Letter to the Editor in the weekend edition of the USA Today (December 30, 2010), “Obama oversteps yet again on end-of-life issues.”  The author, Marvin L. Hoovis, M.D.; Centerville, Massachusetts, is a physician who has a number of legitimate concerns about the so-called health care ‘reform’ rammed through Congress earlier this year despite the objection of the majority of Americans. I underlined the key points of the editorial.

“It seems that President Obama remains committed to reducing medical services. Because of the controversy over the issue of end-of-life planning, that proposal was removed from the health care bill. Now Obama has slipped in a Medicare regulation that will pay physicians who discuss end-of-life options with patients at the time of their annual physicals.

“This service will be compensated by Medicare, which is headed by Obama appointee Donald Berwick, a physician committed to rationing care. Whether called end-of-life discussions or death panels, these options are designed to reduce services. This government action will further intrude on the physician-patient relationship.
A complete repeal of the health care law is necessary. Reasons for a repeal include, among other things,
·        the fact that a partisan Democratic-controlled Congress used unprecedented measures to pass the extremely controversial legislation;
·        misleading budget numbers were provided that did not adequately note the actual increased costs;
·        the legislation increases fees and taxes for businesses, providers and the patients; and
·        administration appointees have been allowed to write rules and regulations that cannot be challenged. This eventually could lead to final medical decisions being made by the secretary of Health and Human Services and not physicians.
These are all important and valid reasons to repeal this law and start over to achieve bipartisan legislation that can really improve access to care and services; reduce costs with tort reform; and end waste, fraud and inappropriate government rules and regulations.”

I agree with Dr. Hoovis. It seems to me that the first order of business of the new and more conservative 112th Congress which begins its difficult work on Thursday, January 6th, will be to repeal and/or completely defund, to the greatest extent possible, this heinous, unnecessary, unwise, and costly legislated socialist program. The new Congress must also turn back or limit the damage done by present administration and past Congress.

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