Monday, December 27, 2010

How the Obama Stole Christmas!

Hat tip goes to Floyd Brown who sent me an email with a link to the video below. The video was presented by the I transcribed the words of this poem following the YouTube video. There is a lot of truth in this timely childish story about a new Grinch this Christmas season.

The Obama Who Stole Christmas

In Whoville today there is no celebrating
Your Grinch was converted, but there is a new one waiting

If you're a rich Who, then you have enough
Obama will come to take the rest of the stuff

Christmas was saved the last time around
But nothing is safe, when Obama comes to town

For ObamaCare we will borrow and add to the debt
The little Whos will pay, for that you can bet

Obama and Keynes say government must stimulate
He spends and he spends yet unemployment remains above eight

Most Whos would like jobs so they could work for a living
But Obama says, “No, I will just keep on giving.”

More money from China, I will continue to borrow
For this, I am sure, will relieve your sorrow

The Whos in Whoville have nothing to save
Their money to the government they already gave

If you thought your money was yours to spend
The new Grinch has said, that must end

What you make is not yours, it’s the governments, you see
Obama will take it for his spending spree

But Whos are wondering, what is the purpose of this spending?
Is there a chance in the future of any of this ending?

Or shall we tax and tax and tax some more?
Then spend it all, ‘til everyone is poor?

But Whos in Whoville finally got tough
Stood up and declared, “We have had enough.”

We the people of Whoville, or the Tea Party participants, are expecting the 112th Congress, which will have a stronger conservative element, to halt the Grinch's spending spree and to reverse his disastrous Keynesian economic policies. We expect the new Congress to create a realistic budget that reduces spending dramatically and that begins to reduce the great deficit ...

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