Friday, January 20, 2012

First Vannsee in Germany, then Roe v. Wade in America!

Twin Evils: The Jewish Holocaust (L) and the American Holocaust (R)

The Jewish Holocaust

Dr. Juergen Buehler, Executive Director of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ), wrote the following item, which I read this morning in the Capitol Hill Prayer Partners daily briefing that I received.

11 million. That was the number of Jews sentenced to death (during) a brief 90-minute lunch meeting at a beautiful lakeside villa near Berlin 70 years ago. Over the course of the next two days the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem will be hosting a high-ranking delegation of German and Austrian Christian leaders for a series of events marking the 70th anniversary of the Wannsee Conference, the infamous meeting of Nazi officials which decided upon the "Final Solution of the Jewish Question."

Held on January 20, 1942 and attended by 15 high-ranking Nazi bureaucrats, the Wannsee Conference set in motion the implementation of a plan to for the systematic, industrial murder of all the Jews within Germany's reach in Europe and north-west Africa.
The fate of 11 million Jews, followed by a glass of Cognac.
It is important that we remember that the Nazi officials who deliberated at Villa Wannsee over their ghastly plans for exterminating European Jewry were all well-educated, with at least half of them holding doctorate degrees. Some were also the sons of Protestant ministers, yet not one of them raised any moral objections to this heinous plot…

German Christian leaders have come to Jerusalem to deliver a critical message to the world that the abhorrent evil of Nazism represented by the Wannsee Conference must never be allowed to rise again…

For more information read the more extensive article by David Parsons, who is also of the ICEJ, in the article, German Christians mark the 70th Anniversary of the 'Final Solution' at Yad Vashem.”

The American Holocaust

Isn’t it ironic that the Jewish Holocaust of 70 years ago was launched almost exactly 30 years before America’s own on-going Holocaust? One was started by an elite group of Nazi officials and bureaucrats in Germany. The other, more recent genocide was decreed in black-robed grim reapers in a courtroom in Washington, D.C. 30 years later.

As evil and heinous as the original Jewish holocaust was, in terms of numbers, the murder of 11 million persons the Jewish Holocaust, it pales by comparison to the bloody American Atrocity of aborted lives (54 million or 5 times as many casualties as the Jewish Holocaust). In America, one of our key founding documents clearly states that all persons have been endowed by the Creator with the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. However, we stand by while 54 million innocent babies (and counting) are viciously murdered. This bloodshed is the a direct result of the wicked, unethical, unnatural, inhumane ‘legalizing of abortion’ decisions of Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton made by the so-called U.S. Supreme Court!   

So during this weekend, it is good take time to remember and to contemplate the great evil that man is capable of doing. It is also a good time to review what steps one can take to reverse this perverse situation.

Personal Plan of Action

We can join in on any of the planned March for Life or memorial services taking place this weekend across the nation.

We can join in on Family Research Council’s Pro Life Con on Monday January 23, 2012 in Washington, D.C. or on the Internet.

We can educate ourselves of this critical issue.

We can offer financial or volunteer support to Pro-Life organizations such as:

·         Abortion No Center for Bioethical Reform

·         Americans United for Life

·         Care-Net

·         Created Equal

·         Concerned Women for America

·         Heartbeat International

·         Ohio ProLife Action

·         Life Dynamics

·         Life Legal Defense Fund

·         Missionaries to the Preborn

·         National Pro Life Alliance

·         Personhood USA

·         Personhood Ohio

·         Pro Life Ohio

·         Students for Life

We can pray for an end of abortion in the USA by individually repenting of our apathy and/or direct participation in this sinful practice.

We can work for, support elect 100% Pro-Life candidates this spring and this fall. Pro-life advocates and representatives such as:

·         Rick Santorum for President

·         Josh Mandel for U.S. Senator for Ohio

·         Ted Cruz for U.S. Senate from Texas

·         Richard Mourdock for U.S. Senate from Indian

·         David Lewis for U.S. Congress from Ohio

·         Karen Harrington for U.S. Congress from Florida

We can lobby our current federal and state members of Congress on behalf of a constituency-yet-to-be-born.

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