Saturday, January 14, 2012

What stand, if any, will John Boehner take in '12?

I received a solicitation in the mail today from Speaker of the U.S. House John Boehner. He asked me to complete a survey and to return it with some money for his re-election campaign. I did respond. Based on what he did in the U.S. House of Representatives in 2011, I was very provoked. I sat down and wrote him this letter.

Tea Time?

Tee Time?


Which Boehner will it we see in 2012? Will it be the establishment country club Republican Boehner, or the principled Tea Party reforming Boehner?

January 14, 2012

Honorable John Boehner
c/o Friends of John Boehner
7908 Cincinnati-Dayton Rd
West Chester, Ohio 45069

Dear Mr. Speaker:
Thank you for your service to our nation.
I received your campaign material today, and I felt compelled to write to you to express my grave concerns regarding your leadership in the U.S. House of Representatives last year.
First, I did complete your 2012 Speaker’s Survey; hopefully it will be acted upon.
Second, I am extremely disappointed in the Republican leadership in Congress in 2011. The Tea Party Movement sent 80 new mostly conservatives to the House and a few to the Senate. However, I perceive that they had to battle you and Senator McConnell as much or more than they did the Democratic opposition in regard to pursuing conservative principles and policies.
The horrible, disgraceful debt deal was the biggest failure of the GOP in the first half session of the 112th Congress. I am ashamed to be a Republican, but unfortunately right now I have nowhere else to turn. You completely caved to President Obama and now the debt ceiling will be raised another $1.2 trillion with virtually no real spending cuts or reduction to the deficit or debt to show for it. Why have you settled for the status quo?
Thirdly, why isn’t there an approved budget? Why do you continue to fool around with Continuing Resolutions? Shouldn’t we be demanding the Democrats submit a budget before agreeing to any more money being appropriated? Close down the government until they do!
Fourthly, will you do anything about the unconstitutional recess appointmentsmade by the President? Will there be a Congressional investigation conducted when the House returns? It seems to me that the President is beginning to act as if there is no Congress …
Finally, why are we reducing employees’ Social Security and Medicare contributions when these programs are going broke? Why does Congress continue this farce?
In recent years I saw and heard you in person at several TEA Party rallies and thought you were going to implement more fiscal restraint when you became Speaker. After all, the House holds the purse strings, does it not?
However, if your primary purpose, as it seems to me, is to continue the status quo, to get re-elected, and to continue to compromise on the TEA Party Movement and conservative principles that put you in power, then I will no longer support you.
I urge you to stand up for the people of Ohio and America in 2012 to really cut spending and reduce the size and scope of government in all areas. Please do something that will allow me to support you. Words and speeches are no longer enough …

I sincerely hope that the Speaker will hear this plea and begin to drink the TEA!

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