Monday, January 16, 2012

Senator Sherrod Brown’s (D-OH) Choice Is Pro-Death Advocacy

Sen. Sherrod Brown approves this message.

On his campaign site Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown has established a petition to get fellow pro-death supporters to contest the life-saving Heartbeat Bill, which is presently stalled in the Ohio Senate. It passed last year in the Ohio House.

Here is the text from Brown’s website introducing his petition. I will make some comments below in red:

We the undersigned strongly oppose the radical, anti-choice “Heartbeat Bill.” This legislation would effectively outlaw abortion, even in cases of rape or incest.

The ultimate goal of anti-choice activists pushing this bill is the complete eradication of reproductive rights. They’ve chosen Ohio as their battleground, and we pledge to stand and fight for the rights of women at home and around the country.

It’s up to us to fight for choice — sign up below to join our campaign against this radical legislation!

Ironically, it is this Pro-Death United States Senator that is radical, not those of us who support the protection of human life.
Let’s look at how the liberal Senator describes those of us who want to protect human life:

·       We are radical – actually, I don’t think it is radical to want to protect the life of a fellow human being no matter how they may have been conceived. Rather, it is radical, extreme to want to protect the murder of pre-born children! Abortion mills are reminiscent of Hitler’s concentration camps where innocent people were murdered by the millions.

·       We are anti-choice – yes, when the “choice” is to either take an innocent life or to protect an innocent life, the “choice” is clear. Protect Life!

·       We want to eliminate 'reproductive rights' and 'women’s rights' – what is wrong with asking or requiring an individual to take responsibility for their actions, to be accountable for their behavior? When has personal responsibility become passé? It is scientific fact, the outcome of a sex act sometimes results in conception. The participants in that act should be responsible for their actions. It is not the baby’s fault that his or her biological parents are irresponsible. This applies to every circumstance including rape or incest.

What about the rights, the basic human rights of the baby, Senator? And why punish the innocent child, who had no part in a rape, but was a natural result of the actions of one wicked individual? Should not the person responsible for the rape be made to pay for the medical bills and for the child’s care in and/or outside of prison?
Only a radical leftist like Sherrod Brown would support the continued killing of innocent children. What kind of compassion is that? Do we want a man to continue to represent Ohioans who aggressively advocates for a mother’s 'right to murder her child,' and who even provides for a petition to persuade others to do the same? I can think of no better reason to vote against such a person. Sherrod Brown, you must go, along with the most Pro-Death President in our history this coming November.

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  1. You say, "...what is wrong with asking or requiring an individual to take responsibility for their actions, to be accountable for their behavior? ...The participants in that act should be responsible for their actions."

    It isn't a question of taking responsibility for one's actions. Otherwise it would be acceptable to abort babies in the case of rape. Secondly, the parents do have to raise the baby themselves, but the baby could be given up for adoption.

    Its a right to life issue only, not an issue of "taking responsibility". Its not about punishing a woman for committing an illicit sex act, even though that is often, but not always, the case in most abortions.