Friday, January 06, 2012

My GOP Presidential Candidate Batting Lineup

I know it’s football season, but the baseball analogy fits better for what I am about to say.

Mitt Romney, since he apparently won the-ever-so close Iowa Caucus, may now be considered the frontrunner going into the New Hampshire Primary. Will he also be knocked off that lofty perch like Pawlenty, Bachmann, Perry, Cain and Gingrich before him, when they on top?

The two debates this weekend will have a lot to say about Romney’s future, they’ll be a real test. The primary advantage the flip-flopping Romney has is his mega load of cash; it certainly isn’t his conservative credentials. After all, his credentials are as suspect as Barack Obama meeting the requirements and qualifications to be president.
The Left will desperately continue to fatten-up the double-minded Mitt Romney for the kill in November. They want to build him up just like they did that mad moderate maverick, John McCain, in 2008, only to turn around and viciously attack him (and his VP choice, as well) in the last presidential election. 

In addition, the media intend to do their very best to vet any GOP candidate. While simultaneously, they’ll continue the cover-up of the Democratic incumbent. They will ratchet up the shill factor on behalf of Mr. Obama.
Here is my current GOP batting order of my personal preferences for the GOP Presidential nominee:

1 - Michele Bachmann – well-rounded consistent conservative candidate. One of her credentials for me is that she is so disrespected and rejected by the main stream media as a Christian conservative woman.
2 – A Conservative*** to be named later
3 - Herman Cain – campaign suspended effective 12/3/2012
4 - Rick Santorum – strong on social issues, foreign policy may be too interventionist  
5 - Rick Perry – seems to be mostly okay on fiscal, social, weak on immigration, lousy in the early debates
6 - Newt Gingrich – like Romney talks a good line, but has acted opposite on many issues.Great in the debates. 
7 - Ron Paul – strong fiscally, middle of the road socially, denies Islamic threat to America and the world, wants to legalize hardcore drugs
8 - Jon Huntsman - would make a good Democrat candidate
9 - Mitt Romney – an establishment stooge, will the real Romney please stand up? Ronald Reagan was the Gipper. Willard Romney is the Flipper! Romney would be Socialist-lite in comparison to the hardcore socialist/Markist 44th President.
10 – Barack Obama - has proved these past three + years that he was the wrong person for the job. He now is a known entity, at least we have a record, which his lawyers can’t seal or keep from the public, although he and his media cronies will try to distort that record all the way until November.
*** I’m not sure who “the conservative to be named later” might be, but someone like Rep. Allen West would sure be a better candidate than most of the current crop.

Barack Obama is very vulnerable after the economic and social engineered destruction he has wreaked on this country, with his dangerous transformative ‘hope and change’ socialist policies and actions. The GOP should have had an easy win in the Presidential Election. However, with the candidates that remain in the race they are tying one hand behind their backs. Like Little Red Riding Hood, all you can say when you get down to it, is ‘what an awful group of candidates you have, Grand-Olde-Party!’ In addition, House Speaker John Boehner and his Senate sidekick Mitch McConnell didn’t help the cause by caving in time and again to the radical leftist controlled Democrats. The TEA Party put Boehner in power, but he forgot about us. Apparently he’ll remember us again in this Fall, but so will we!
All of the remaining Presidential candidates have flaws; the only thing that distinguishes them is the degree of severity of those flaws. All are far from ideal. Some are very far from ideal, making them unacceptable. If this current crop of crappy candidates is all there is, the GOP will have a battle wrestling the title from the World Lightweight President.

I plan to support the candidates above in the order presented. As the top candidates drop out I will continue to support the candidates until they reach the UNACCEPTABLE level. Then I’m not sure what I’ll do. In 2008 I refused to vote for the GOP nominee and voted for Alan Keyes, maybe this year it will have to be Allen West!

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