Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Islam the three stages of Jihad, Part 1

Putting Islam Under the Microscope

Americans, unfortunately, are woefully ignorant about the so-called ‘religion’ of Islam. First, it is not merely just another religion like Christianity, Judaism, or Buddhism. It is much more. Islam is a political, militaristic, and religious system. Second, the intent of Islam is to eventually rule, to subjugate the entire world. The video that will be the focus of this series of articles is called, “Three Stages of Islam.” It was created by AnsweringMuslims.com. It is extremely insightful and educational. It lays bare the purposes and the schemes of this cruel and insidious fascist system. It is every bit as pernicious, threatening, and evil as communism.

I would encourage every American to educate himself or herself on this vital subject. The fact is that Islam is the enemy of the United States. Like Marxism and secular humanism that have crept into our culture and taken over many of our institutions, including our education system and has corrupted it beyond recognition, Islam is the second battlefront we face. It is one we must engage. Islam has begun to infiltrate our culture and to indoctrinate Americans as to its real purpose and intent.
Watch and listen carefully to this video and read the transcripts of the video as they are presented here. You will be better equipped to confront the evil and to curtail its advance in this nation. Today we look at an introduction to the three stages of Jihad.

Transcript 0:00 – 2:40 minute mark on the video:

Islam can be a little confusing. You meet a Muslim at the grocery store, the nicest person in the world, cute kids, loves America. Later that day you turn on television and wait a minute, some other Muslim just blew up the grocery store!
What is going on here? Who represents Islam, the peaceful Muslim buying tomatoes, or the violent Muslim bombing tomatoes?
You’d like an answer so you open up the Qur’an, you read in Surah 2:256:  “There is no compulsion in religion.” That sounds peaceful and tolerant. I guess the peaceful Muslims are the true followers of Islam.  Then you go to Surah 9:29:  “Fight those who do not believe in Allah.” That’s not nice, now it seems that the violent Muslims got it right.
The evidence points in different directions. So, what are you supposed to believe?
Barack Obama quote:  “The partnership between America and Islam must be based on what Islam is, not what it isn’t.”
If you ever wondered why there are both peaceful and violent passages in the Qur’an? If it has ever bothered you the Muslims DEMAND religious tolerance in the West, while Christians and Jews cannot build Churches and Synagogues in Saudi Arabia. If you have never quite grasped why organizations like (the Council on American Islamic Relations) C.A.I.R. or (the Islamic Society of North America) I.S.N.A. claim that Islam is a religion of peace, while they support terrorism behind the scenes. Welcome to the most important video you’ll ever watch. You can’t understand Islam in the world today without understanding one fact – JIHAD PROCEDES IN STAGES.
(Just) As the tiny tadpole grows into the bellowing bullfrog, or the lowly acorn becomes the mighty oak, or as adorable Parent Trap Lindsey Lohan transforms into whatever she is now … So also the tolerant toddler of peaceful Islam eventually goes through puberty, that’s when we find out about full blown Jew-hating, church burning, wife beating, apostate killing, Akbar yellin’ Islam is really like in all its blood spattered glory.
Whether you look - at the life of Mohammed, or the early Muslim community, or the Qur’an, or the hadith, or the Surah literature, or classical Muslim commentaries, or modern Muslim scholarship, or the spread of Islam in the world today - you’ll find the exact same pattern.
There are three stages in the call of Jihad, depending on the status of Muslims in a society. And if you understand those three stages, you’ll understand Islam, 14 centuries of Islamic history, and the situation that we are in right now.
To be continued 
Tomorrow we will look at the first stage of Jihad – Stealth Jihad.

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