Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hopefully, Tonight Will Be President Obama’s Last SOTU Address!

I googled this question, “Is this President Obama’s Last State of the Union Address?” The first response that I received was an RT.com article, “Obama's last State of the Union?In part the answer I received embedded in that article was, “

Pending the outcome of the presidential election in November, Tuesday night’s State of the Union address could very well be Barack Obama’s last.
Will President Obama bring up the federal budget tonight? This is really one of the key failure that the President shares with his fellow Democrats in the Senate. Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL), made the following key criticism in his op ed, “Obama needs fiscal 'courage'” in the 1/24/2012 edition of the U.S.A. Today.

The President ignores the scandal plaguing the Democrat Senate. His State of the Union actually marks a milestone:  1,000 days since we last saw a budget plan form the Senate’s Democrat majority.
On their website the U.S. House Republican Study Committee (RSC) posted this video:

My congressman, who is the Chairman of the RSC , Jim Jordan suggested that Americans will be looking for answers to three big questions when listening to President Obama's SOTU and revved up campaign stump speech tonight:
1.   Where are the jobs?

2.   Why aren’t we using all the energy resources we have available?

3.   How can we stop this crazy spending and borrowing?
I, along with Representative Jordan and many other Americans, especially conservatives, think that the President is more interested in campaigning against House Republicans than in any bipartisan problem-solving. Will we merely hear more campaign rhetoric and empty, flimsy promises? Will there be anything substantive in the President’s TelePrompTed words? Will Valarie Jarrett and his speech writer give us anything for the good of the nation as a whole, or continue to provide assurances to the Democrat Party’s and President’s radical base and to giving sole support for his re-election effort?

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