Saturday, January 21, 2012

A picture perfect finish for South Carolina GOP Primary

Rick Santorum  –  31%
Newt Gingrich  –  29%
Ron Paul  –  21%
Romney  –  19%

Wouldn’t a finish like the one imagined above in today's South Carolina Republican Primary just frost the Left, the Main Stream Media, Organizing for America, and the GOP establishment?

After Romney's poor performance in Monday's Fox News debate, and with strong performances by both Gingrich and Santorum and the typical steady Paul performance, in Thursday's CNN debate, the above scenario is very possible. South Carolina is a very conservative state and hopefully the conservatives will all show up today and vote. However, above result is not the outcome that the Media and the Obama Campaign has orchestrated, but it is realistic.

With Santorum and Gingrich finishing one-two in South Carolina, along with Paul all finishing ahead of Romney, it would really put conservatives in a great position going into the Florida Primary. It would be an especially big blow to the moneyed candidacies of Willard Mitt Romney and Dr. Ron Paul. Most of America does not want Romney, who is perceived to be weak and wishy-washy, just another John McCain, or worse. My top choice of the candidates that remain are: Santorum or a CTBNL (a conservative-to-be-named-later). Gingrich, Paul, and especially Romney and Obama are all unacceptable candidates for one reason or another.

America wants and needs a conservative in 2012 if she has any hope to change our slide toward total European socialism and eventual oblivion. This South Carolina GOP Primary could be a turning point, a real trend-setter.

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