Monday, January 11, 2010

American History Lesson – No More Kings

The description of the YouTube video below reads, “The history of the Pilgrim's 1620 landing of the Mayflower (Dec 11/21 depending on your calendar) and the American colonies break from English King George 3rd's rule . . .”

Another king is rising up, his name is Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama. His form of tyrannical rule is every bit as dangerous and freedom-denying as King George’s. The President's unwise and wasteful spending policies will lead to placement of a great burden of taxes on the people to pay for the his leftist agenda and actions. This video shows the importance of knowing history. We shed ourselves of one king in 1776, we must begin to minimize the damage done by this new would-be king. The 2010 elections are paramount in the quest to stop the Soetoro alias Obama regime in its tracks . . . No telling what additional damage will be done to this nation during the next eleven months . . .

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