Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Of greedy docs & power-hungry pols

The Columbus (Ohio) Dispatch runs a regular feature in its newspaper identifying an important issue to the local community and asking the vote of the readers on that issue along with any comments they may have. Occasionally I will respond and comment on the issue raised, as I did to last Friday’s topic.

The Hot Issue, Tuesday, January 12, 2010:

Do you think doctors should be required to accept a certain number of Medicare patients?

____ Yes­­
____ No

My Right Response:


Step-by-step, inch-by-inch the free enterprise system is being attacked by radical big-government advocates, assorted bureaucrats, and most Democrats. What is being put in its place is socialized medicine.

This is the major reason why I oppose government-run healthcare, which is falsely being hawked under the label of ‘healthcare reform.’

Here’s the opinion of a person obviously to the left of left . . .

Their Left Response:


"What I don't understand is why the right-wing lunatics who hate government stay in this country -- surely there's somewhere else you'd be happier. I know that if someone in another country were saying the same thing about the U.S., you cretins would be screaming about how they are our enemy. Maybe so are you. You can take all the greedy physicians with you and the traitorous AM pundits, too. I'd prefer the U.S. to be a kind country, not one filled with the kind of imperial greed that made the colonists rebel against King George in the 1700s."

Friend, right-wing lunatics or traitorous cretins do not hate the government, they hate destructive, wasteful policies and practices of the current Leftist regime ruling from the White House and Congress . . .

You accuse physicians of being greedy, yet you ignore the power lust of 'king' Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama, 'queen' Nancy Pelosi and 'prince' Harry Reid.

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