Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ohio Taxed to the Max Rally, Saturday 1/30/10, Columbus, Ohio - Part 3

Government asked to Stop Treating Ohio Taxpayers Like an ATM!

Rob Portman was spoke at the ATM Rally in Columbus yesterday (Saturday). The following is a partial transcript continuation of a portion of the speech he presented at the rally. See the previous postings here and here. Portman is one of the Republican candidates running to fill Senator George Voinovich's seat in the U.S. Senate. What he said Saturday was very conservative fiscally. However, I am not sure where he stands on the social issues.

Portman discusses several tax-related issues and current government policies, which adversely affect the economy in Ohio and in America today.

"Cap and Trade . . . our manufacturers getting hit because of the new regulations on emissions. This is not the way to get our economy on track!

"It is also about Card Check . . . it takes away the ability to have a secret ballot if you are a union member . . . I talked to one union steward in Columbus on a factory tour and he didn't want to lose the secret ballot, nor do most union members.

"These are the things that if you are a small business person, or if you are a risk-taker, or just thinking about starting something . . . you are discouraged right now.

"That is why when I heard the President talk the other night, I was delighted when the President was thinking about getting back to jobs and the economy . . . but his actual policies have just the opposite affect. They're discouraging job growth. In fact, I would argue that the stimulus package, which was passed a year ago, has not helped create jobs but has made it more difficult to create jobs. Why? Because we are growing PUBLIC sector jobs and we are losing PRIVATE sector jobs.

"It is going to result in

· increasing interest rates,
· put more pressure on inflation,
· it lowers the value of the dollar,
· it also puts us in a position that we are passing along to our kinds & grandkids an immoral deficit and debt that they will have to deal with.

"This is just not the American way! . . ."

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