Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Civil Rights: Martin, Scott & Roe

What a week of commemoration of American civil rights: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. This past Sunday, civil rights leader and activist Martin Luther King, Jr. would have been 81 years old had he not been assassinated. On Tuesday a non-conservative, RINO Republican, Scott Brown, defeated a hard-core liberal Democrat filling the seat held by the radical liberal and rabid pro-death Senator Edward Kennedy for a half of a decade. Then on Friday we hold memorials throughout the nation commemorating the deaths of million of babies because of the flawed, feckless, and fatal (to babies and many mothers) Roe v. Wade US Supreme Court decision of 37 years ago.


MLK, Jr. fought for civil rights of blacks. He fought the tyranny of bigotry and racial hatred. He paid for it with his life.


Scott Brown pulled of a miracle by beating the Democratic Party hand-picked candidate. The messiah even 'blessed' Brown's opponent's candidacy! The Party and the candidate were so cocky-confident that they hardly campaigned.

Above all, Scott Brown’s victory was a complete repudiation of the tyrannical Soetoro/Obama agenda. Americans want liberty not tyranny.


Speaking of civil rights, the biggest civil rights matter is rights of unborn persons! This nation tolerates the murder of over a million babies every year. Furthermore, black women and girls make up 12% of the nation’s women but 37% of the abortions are done to these women. Planned Parenthood has had proven ties with the eugenicist movement of the past. Planned Parenthood’s clinics are located in predominated black and minority neighborhoods. They are funded and controlled by modern-day eugenicists and liberal elitists.

So the tyrannical assault on unborn human beings continues unabated with the acquiesce of the courts and the whole-hearted support of radical pro-death culture proponents of all political persuasions. The assault is especially cruel and unusual against the people of color – the blacks, the browns and the reds . . .


So it all boils down to liberty versus tyranny. Martin Luther King, Jr. said "no" and "enough" to the mistreatment of blacks. It cost him his life. Scott Brown said "stop" to the tyrannical direction that President Soetoro aka Obama, Pelosi and Reid are driving this nation, and he miraculously won. Roe v. Wade continues to be challenged by lovers of life and liberty. And just like King, people are fighting and picketing for the personhood of the pre-born babies.

What a week of remembrance and marking the reclaiming of our freedoms and that of every American, including those months, days and minutes away from birth . . . .

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