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Maafa21, Black Genocide in 21st Century America (2009)

Today is Sanctity of (Human) Life Sunday. The whole previous week was a commemoration of the anniversary of the wicked, evil, fatal, and flawed decision of the United States Supreme Court in Roe v. Wade. In that decision the court created the imaginary “woman’s right” to murder her baby, her fellow human being.

It is a tragedy of epic proportions. It makes the destruction that occurred recently in Haiti, minuscule by comparison. Hundreds of thousands died in Haiti. Millions die yearly in America alone. Look at the sympathy and support that the poor Haitians rigthtfuly received from the many caring citizens of America and many other parts of the world. Even the poor country of Liberia on the African continent gave aid to Haiti!

This week I watched the movie Maafa21. It is a powerful documentary exposing that part of the Leftist agenda that has pronounced war on minority people.

The word used in the title of the movie, “maafa” is defined in Wikipedia as follows:

"Maafa (also known as the African Holocaust or Holocaust of Enslavement) is a word derived from the Swahili term for disaster, terrible occurrence or great tragedy.[1][2] The term refers to the 500 years of suffering of Africans and the African diaspora, through slavery, imperialism, colonialism, invasion, oppression, dehumanization and exploitation.[2][3] The term also refers to the social and academic policies that were used to invalidate or appropriate the contributions of African peoples to humanity as a whole,[2] and the residual effects of this persecution, as manifest in contemporary society. [4]"

The grisly execution of human beings by abortion in America must similarly be defined. It, too, is an American Holocaust. Abortion is an American atrocity, a travesty of justice and morality.

Maafa21 exposes, tracks, and traces the American Eugenics movement and its close tie and interrelationship with the modern day provider of Eugenics and infanticide especially targeted on minorities in America, the wanton, mass-murdering machine, Planned Parenthood Federation of America.

So, what is Eugenics, you might ask? provides on explanation:

“Study of human improvement by genetic means. The first thorough exposition of eugenics was made by Francis Galton, who in Hereditary Genius (1869) proposed that a system of arranged marriages between men of distinction and women of wealth would eventually produce a gifted race. The American Eugenics Society, founded in 1926, supported Galton's theories. U.S. eugenicists also supported restriction on immigration from nations with "inferior" stock, such as Italy, Greece, and countries of eastern Europe, and argued for the sterilization of insane, retarded, and epileptic citizens. Sterilization laws were passed in more than half the states, and isolated instances of involuntary sterilization continued into the 1970s. The assumptions of eugenicists came under sharp criticism beginning in the 1930s and were discredited after the German Nazis used eugenics to support the extermination of Jews, blacks, and homosexuals.”
The movie points out that Planned Parenthood has deliberately located its facilities, its killing factories, in low income neighborhoods in order to make it easy for blacks, Hispanics and other minorities to obtain their services.

Probably the best way to give you a glimpse of the power of this movie is a brief transcript a portion of the movie:
“Since 1973, “legal” abortion has killed more African-Americans than:
· Cancer,
· Diabetes,
· Heart disease, and
· Violent crime

“Every week more black babies die in American abortion “clinics” than were killed in the entire Vietnam War. And the largest abortion clinics in the United States are operated by Planned Parenthood!”

Clenard Childress, a black man who is a feature speaker throughout the movie, states near the end of the movie, “We have now reached a point in this country that African-American women, who make up 12% of the population, account for 37% of all abortions. The African-American baby is almost 5 times more likely to be aborted, than a white child.”

Childress continues, “The abortion industry at this point kills as many African-American people every four days as the Klan killed in 150 years!"

Childress tellingly concludes, “You can truly say that the most dangerous place for an African-American to be is in the womb of their African-American mother!”

I highly recommend this movie to Christians and to anyone wishing to deepen their understanding of one of the underlying motivations that drives the Leftist, Socials agenda here in America. It clearly identifies one of the destructive forces that is driving this nation to the brink of extinction.


This is the only move that I have given ***** out of *****. As a powerful, pertinent and penetrating documentary it is very fact-oriented and filled with up to now hidden truths. It will open the eyes of blacks and whites and should unite all of us and awake us to he terrible savagery that we are permitting to occur daily in this former bastion of life and liberty. No longer should we accept the status quo. Enough of the killing of our fellow Americans. Abortion stops a beating heat. We must stop abortion now!

Educate yourself. This movie offers a extremely powerful tool to do just that . . .

You can purchase the movie at!

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