Monday, January 25, 2010

Media is guilty of sins of omission for Obama in '09

The Media Research Center (MRC) just released the following report, "Omitting for Obama: How the MSM Deliberately Censored New Media Scoops in '09." The following is the opening paragraph form that report's executive summary:

"The Obama administration was embarrassed by a series of revelations about its most radical actions, assumptions, and associations in 2009. While Fox News and the conservatives on talk radio and the Internet broke and developed these stories, Americans following only the "mainstream" media would never have heard these reports. Instead of acting as government watchdogs holding the people in power accountable, the nation’s broadcast news networks deliberately suppressed and de facto censored embarrassing scoops – at least until President Obama or Congress took action and made them impossible to ignore . . .

Read the entire report here.

The MRC report goes into detail, giving specific examples of where the opposition media commits malpractice. The MSM (main stream or opposition) media's treatment of Governor Sarah Palin when compared with its treatment of the gaff-prone VP Joe Biden is also most revealing. You can feel the animus whenever Governor Palin is mentioned. The opposition media overlooks much of Biden's foolishness, however.

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