Friday, January 01, 2010

Tea Party Participant - Person of the Year/Decade

This homemade sign shows the outrage of Americans at the
direction Bush & Soetoro/Obama are taking this nation . . .

I previously shared an article, “2009 Person of the Year (WorldNetDaily's).” This post is a further elaboration of that article.

The past ten years started with planned acts of terrorism by Islamic radicals and ended with spontaneous acts of patriotic protests by average God-fearing, freedom-loving Americans. The TEA PARTY PARTICIPANT woke up and began to see that the current president was carrying out an anti-American agenda, which his immediate predecessor, the Compassionate Faux Conservative President began with such things as his push for Medicare Part D Prescription Drug ‘benefit’, Amnesty for Illegal Aliens, the North American Union Highway and the ill conceived Bailouts . . . President Hope & Change intensified the move toward socialism with multiplied spending schemes and expanded socialist policies and legislation. It all started to come to a head this year . . .

So it was very fitting when the 2009 Person of the Year was named by to be the TEA PARTY PARTICIPANT. Actually, I would go further and conclude that the same person should be named the Person of the first 10 years of this millennium.

You could say that these two persons – the Islamic Terrorist and the Tea Party Participant – are bookends to a decade of lost opportunities.

2000 - 2009, I say was 10 years of 'lost opportunities' because we, conservatives, thought we were electing a conservative president in George W. Bush. He proved to be a half-hearted conservative at best. He did not advance either fiscal or social conservative issues with any passion or necessary leadership.

The Islamic Terrorist symbolizes the dangers we face as we move into the new decade. You can see this demonstrated by the recent Fort Hood Massacre and the nearly catastrophic terrorist act over Detroit. Under an appeasing, light-weight, socialist President, who has acts more and more like the reincarnation of Jimmy Carter, and who will prove to be very susceptible to further tolerate the acts of terrorism perpetrated by the Islamists. His radical socialist philosophy and his adherence to political correctness have blinded his eyes to the innate dangers of Islam.

The Tea Party Participant, on the other hand, represents the real hope for America going into the new year and decade. An awakened electorate, who will do something daring in May and in November in response to the outrageous acts of domestic terrorism and foreign terrorism being visited upon America. Hopefully we will purge Congress of the in-House & in-Senate socialists. Many in Congress and in government today are bent on moving the country toward tyrannical and global governance. If the country can survive the legislative atomic bombs being dropped on an almost daily basis, come November we may be able to neutralize a grossly arrogant and errant President. That is the HOPE and the CHANGE that is really needed . . .

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  1. Clay Barham12:10 PM

    The Tea Party movement has awakened new interest in Ayn Rand. Is it self-centered greed or legitimate self-interest that is the main concern with those who do not understand Ayn Rand? Those who admire and criticize Ayn Rand’s beliefs about people who stand on their own feet often say she promoted selfishness, thereby greed, which is self-centered and anti-individual creativity. That is anti-Rand. Rand admired the creative individual, people like railroad builder James Jerome Hill, on whom she was reputed to have based her character Nathaniel Taggart in Atlas Shrugged. Independent “I’m OK, you’re OK” people are OK with Rand, not the criminal takers. If we look at Howard Roark’s summation to the jury, from Fountainhead, we do not see a self-centered individual destroying his work. If he was greedy he would have simply accepted his payment. We see an other- and outer-centered individual in love with his own dreams and creations, as one would love a spouse, child or family and refuse to allow them to be assaulted. That is the kind of self-interest that built America. Though love for anything spiritual may be missing, a great idea or vision also measures up to that which is spiritual, beyond self, and that view is not even inconsistent with Christianity.