Friday, January 29, 2010

Defiance (2008)

Defiance is not the typical movie about the atrocities of Germany’s National Socialist Party role in the Jewish Holocaust in Europe during World War II. It is based on a true story. To me that is the best kind of movie.

The twist in this movie is that the Jews fiercely resisted and even bravely fought back, with success, their tyrannical oppressors. Three brothers lead a resistance movement against the mighty Germany army.

It is the story of the Beilski brothers, Tuvia, Zus and Asael. The Beilski Brigade over the course of time rescued and protected a thousand Jews, who were destined for extinction by the heinous Germans.

The movie weaves an interesting story around the unique characters and actions of the three brothers. Each very unique and playing an important role in the resistance and in the storyline.

The movie is very violent. The Holocaust was a very violent era in world history. The movie captures the flavor of the times. There was a good dose of crude language. The actors were believable, endearing and empathetic.


****1/2 out of *****. The movie was superb overall. I would highly recommend this movie. It is inspirational and exemplary in fighting for life and a cause greater than oneself. It sheds light on an often overlooked aspect of history.

I rented this movie at the local video store. It would be worth purchasing it.

You could say that this movie was a combination of a various elements. It could be said to be dramatic historical war documentary, with a touch of suspense, mystery and romance.


I could not help but think that in America today there is a growing resistance to the tyranny spreading in this current government under the leadership of President Soetoro aka Obama, Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Reid. These three "leaders" are the direct opposite of the kind of character and leadership displayed by the three Beilski brothers in the movie.
Daily there are clear demonstrations by our courts, by our media, by our schools and by our government of a hatred and even the pangs of persecution of true believers of Christ. It parallels what happened in Germany prior to World War II. If allowed to fester, it may lead to the killing of Christians adding to the tragic atrocity of abortions in America.

The lesson we can learn from this important movie is that there may soon come a time when we will have to physically resist the forces of evil in America. That evil my be our own government.

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