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Articles of Freedom, part 5

This is a series of posts concerning the works of the 2009 Continental Congress. Last week I wrote about Article 3 of the Articles of Freedom, which was about the last ten words of the First Amendment, the right to petition the government for Redress of Grievances. Now I will continue with Article 4, the text of which follows. I completely agree with it.




WHEREAS, the Second Amendment to the Constitution mandates, [that] in order to provide for the security of a free state, "...the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed," and

WHEREAS, a multitude of federal statutes constitute de facto infringement; now

THEREFORE, We, the Delegates of Continental Congress 2009, as Free People of America, do hereby Instruct the Congress of the United States as follows:

1. Repeal all federal statutes regulating the ownership, use and transfer of firearms and ammunition;

2. Repeal any federal statutes which provide for the taxation or registration of firearms and ammunition;

3. Abolish the Department of Homeland Security and thereby return the responsibility for domestic security to the Militias of the Several States; the term militia, inherently separate from the State National Guard, means “Constitutional Defense Force,” comprising all citizenry capable of bearing arms, and under proper authority, in defense of themselves and each of the several States;

4. Make statutes providing for organizing, arming and disciplining the Militia and for governing such part of them as may be called to serve the United States and, reserve to the states all other powers relating to the Militia;

5. Encourage and support, and cease and desist from infringing upon, the duty of the People to revitalize the “well-regulated Militia of each of the Several States”.


1. Repeal all state statutes regulating the ownership, use and transfer of firearms and ammunition.

2. Repeal any state statutes which provide for the registration of firearms and ammunition.

3. By statute, establish an Advisory Commission On Revitalization of the Militia of their State, in the exercise of their powers over the Militia*, as reserved to the several states by the Second and Tenth Amendments as well as other provisions of the Constitution for the United States; the sole purpose of the said Advisory Commission shall be to study and recommend:

(a) the means, including all necessary State legislation (and where appropriate legislation that authorizes direct and independent action by units of Local government), by which the State can revitalize her Militia so as to provide for her particular requirements of “homeland security” in keeping with strict Constitutional Principles; and

(b) such legislation as may be necessary and proper for Congress to enact in order to fully effectuate the State’s program of revitalizing her Militia, in the context of a national program for revitalizing all of the Militia of each of the several States to some uniform standard of organization, arms, and discipline.

4. The Advisory Commission shall be composed of the following persons: { shall be listed the proposed members of the Commission...}.

5. The Advisory Commission shall submit a preliminary report to the Legislature within ninety (90) days of the enactment of the said statute; this report shall contain inter alia a detailed study, with specific recommendations, as to how the Militia can and should be revitalized, with particular emphasis on those areas of “homeland security” which at that time are within the jurisdiction of the General Government’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS), but the responsibility and authority for the provision of which the Advisory Commission believes can effectively be exercised within the State or by the Militia thereof. Within thirty (30) days of its receipt of that report, the Legislature shall return the report to the Commission with such directives as it may see fit for alterations, corrections, amendments, additions, deletions, and further studies and recommendations. On the basis of the Legislature’s review, within thirty (30) days thereafter, the Advisory Commission shall submit to the Legislature a final report, including complete and specific drafts of all State legislation, and recommendations for any Congressional legislation, necessary for revitalization of the Militia of the State.

6. Upon receipt of the Advisory Commission’s final report, the Legislature shall without delay, and in any event no more than thirty (30) days later, adopt such report with such amendments as the Legislature shall deem proper, and then enact such legislation based on such amended report as will most effectively and expeditiously revitalize the Militia: furthermore, the Legislature by Resolution shall urge the Congressional delegation of said State to introduce and support legislation in Congress that adopts the recommendations presented in the Advisory Commission’s final report as amended.

* The term militia, inherently separate from the State National Guard, means ‘Constitutional Defense Force’ comprising all citizenry capable of bearing arms and under proper authority, in defense of themselves and the states.


WHEREAS, the Second Amendment mandates that “the Right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed,” and

WHEREAS, Natural Law affirms the Right to defense of one’s Life and Property, and

WHEREAS, Citizens are reminded that the U. S. Constitution is the Supreme Law of the land, and that state laws repugnant to the Second Amendment are null and void – including, but not limited to, illegal and unconstitutional restrictions on open and/or concealed carry.

NOW THEREFORE, We, the Continental Congress 2009, declare that a proper method to counter federal usurpation of said Rights is to encourage the People of each of the Several States to study and exercise their Right to keep and bear arms, and to engage in the following civic actions:

1. Meet with your County Sheriff and ask for assistance and guidance in establishing a Constitutional Militia.*

* The term militia, inherently separate from the State National Guard, means ‘Constitutional Defense Force’ comprising all citizenry capable of bearing arms and under proper authority, in defense of themselves and the states.

2. Converse, build coalitions, and develop networks of communication with like-minded organizations concerning the importance of Constitutional Militias, preparedness, and the protection of our Right to keep and bear arms;

3. Lobby State Legislatures to introduce and/or pass a version of what is commonly referred to as the “Firearms Freedom Act”;

4. Utilize existing “Second Amendment Scorecards” on each of their representatives.

(from Articles of Freedom, the Works of the Continental Congress 2009)

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