Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ohio Taxed to the Max Rally, Saturday 1/30/10, Columbus, Ohio - Part 2

Government asked to Stop Treating Ohio Taxpayers Like an ATM!

Rob Portman was one of the final speakers at the ATM Rally. The following is a partial transcript of his speech. I attended this hour-long rally with about 100 other people at the Hyatt in downtown Columbus. Weather was very chilly, but the discussion was hot . . .

"A change we can really believe in, which is change to get away from the idea that government knows best, the idea that government can provide for all of us, the idea that we are going be able to have prosperity through borrowing and spending. We'll get prosperity from the HARD WORK and INGENUITY of the American people! We need to UNLEASH and EMPOWER people.

"Now I look at what is happening in Washington and I really worry. This is a tax forum today so I'll discuss taxes . . . The plan right now by the (Soetoro aka) Obama administration and by the Democrats in Congress is to increase taxes, not just on us in terms of income tax, but on

* Capital gains taxes,

* Dividend taxes,

* Payroll taxes - look at the health care bill,

* Estate taxes, in fact go up dramatically at the end of this year.

Income taxes are important to individuals and to businesses. 90% of small businesses in Ohio pay taxes as individuals . . .

"Taxation is the power not just to grow government, but it is the power to destroy if used improperly. Unfortunately, it is destroying jobs here in the state of Ohio. . ."

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