Thursday, January 28, 2010

David McAloon for Congress

David McAloon is a conservative, pro-life, pro-second amendment candidate for Congress in Illinois 11th district. He is against gay marriage (in all of its forms) and educating children as to what is the best way for them to commit fornication.

Here is his “We the People Campaign Finance Reform” plan for cleaning up the corruption in Washington:

I. Only U.S. Citizens can contribute

A. Only U.S. Citizens are allowed to contribute without limitations to any candidate and/or his or her Official Campaign Committee, Official Party Committees, Citizens Groups, and Political Action Committees PAC. All monetary funds shall derive from US Citizens’ personal income.

B. A candidate and/or his or her Official Campaign Committee must derive fifty percent (50%) of campaign contributions from inside of his or her district.

C. All organizations shall verify all contribution at the time of the donation and shall keep records proving all contributors are US Citizens.

II. Official Party Committee Rules

A. No official party committee shall contribute to any candidate or official campaign committee during the primaries.

B. Official party committees may contribute up to a maximum of twenty-five percent (25%) of total contributions to any campaign or candidate during the general elections.

III. Political Action Committees PAC’s Rules

A. Political Action Committees (PAC’s) cannot donate or contribute directly or indirectly to any candidate and/or any official campaign committee.

B. PAC’s can educate the public on policy issues. Information on specific issues can be distributed with endorsements of candidates with a brief summary’s of the candidate’s positions. At no time shall a PAC distribute information on behalf of a candidate or campaign.

IV. Reporting and/or Recording of All Donations and/or Contributions

A. In the interest of transparency, all donations and/or contributions to a candidate, an official campaign committee, an official party committees, PAC’s and Citizen Groups shall come from U.S. Citizens ONLY and shall contain the name, full physical address, occupation, and employer of each contributor.

V. Definitions

A. United States Citizen: A person born or naturalized in the United States of America who qualifies for full rights under the United States Constitution.

B. Candidate: a person who has filed to be a candidate or is actively exploring becoming a candidate.

C. Official Campaign Committee: is the singular registered organization of a registered candidate. One official campaign committee per candidate.

D. Political Action Committee (PAC): Are registered group of US Citizens

E. Citizen Groups: are a unregistered groups of private US Citizens

F. Official Party Committees are registered National, State, County or Township committees of the Official Party the Candidate is nominated by.

Click here to contribute to the McAloon campaign.

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