Friday, October 31, 2008

Freshwater Termination Hearing – Days 5 & 6

Righting First Amendment Wrongs

Mount Vernon City School Board wants Freshwater Expelled

The second phase (Day 3- ) of the Freshwater Termination Hearing continued today.

A Circular Argument?, Or Going Around in Circles!


The Freshwater termination hearing continued for the 5th day today. Day one and two were held earlier this month. The newspaper’s website reported today that another student was called upon to testify. This 17 year old student said that he was also “marked” with a Tesla coil, the electro-static device used by Freshwater and other teachers demonstrating scientific principles. This youth also related that Freshwater related inconsistencies in the theory of evolution and supported alternative explanations to the flawed, yet widely accepted, theory.


The Columbus Dispatch newspaper ran a story on page B3 of today’s paper and on its website regarding what transpired yesterday (Thursday) at the hearing. A science teacher in the Mount Vernon High School testified that she had to “re-teach” (or is it reprogram?) the students who matriculated to high school from middle school and who were taught science by Mr. Freshwater. Odd, because last school year (2007-8) it was previously reported that Mr. Freshwater’s science students finished with the highest scores among the middle school science classes on the standardized state tests. How dare the students think for themselves? What “evil” this Mr. Freshwater must be to have his students thinking critically regarding the flawed unproven theory of evolution! Does the movie expos of academic freedom restrictions rampant on our college campuses, which was recently released on DVD, Expelled, No Intelligence Allowed, ring a (school) bell? That same limitation of academic freedom is apparently present in many of America’s elementary, middle and high schools, as well.

Read more about what went on during DAY FIVE:

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It sounds to me like this hearing will not end this week, but will be continued next month. It will not continue next week because of attorney schedule conflicts. So I would guess it would be continued until sometime in the middle of the month.

The expense must be mounting on both sides in the case. The attorneys’ fees for 5 days plus preparation and legal experts must be horrendous. All this over a desire to take away a man’s right to have a Bible on his desk and to live out his faith outside the four walls of the stained glass building. Our founding fathers would freak at this freedom fleecing fiasco.


  1. Anonymous10:01 PM

    Maybe we should ask the 2500 soldiers returning from Iraq next month, How they feel? These men and women are fighting for those very freedoms that these people are trying to take away from Freshwater! What rights will be on trial next? Should are loved ones be put in harms way, to allow more of are rights to be taken from us? Go Freshwater and fight for the bible on the desk!

  2. Anonymous10:29 PM

    There are other teachers with their Bibles on their desks. He was fired for other reasons, not that. Those soldiers are fighting so that everyone gets to choose what religion they want to be, not so a teacher can preach in a public school! You can not burn other peoples children in school.