Saturday, October 25, 2008

Rare Double Deal in Mississippi U.S. Senate Races: Roger Wicker (R) & Thad Cochran (R)

For a Conservative Congress (Senate). Part 14

This will be part of an on-going series, which will identify key races where we either need to retain strong conservatives or to elect strong conservatives. My personal feeling with being faced with two inferior candidates for President offered by our major political parties, we must turn our attention to insuring more conservative American-values oriented persons are elected to the U.S. Congress.


The next races that we will highlight are for the two Mississippi U.S. Senate seats. In what calls, “a rare electoral event,” both senate seats are up for election. The senate elections are usually staggered, so it is rare indeed to have a state elect both of its senators in the same year. What is the reason? Trent Lott’s resignation is the reason. He resigned at the end of 2007 and Mississippi’s Governor, Haley Barbour, appointed him as the State’s second senator replacing Lott. Lott’s term would have ended in 2010. A special election is needed to finalize that appointment.

Roger Wicker has been serving as a replacement for Lott. Wicker faces Democrat and former Governor, Ronnie Musgrove. According to a Wikipedia
entry, “There will be no special primary election for this race; if the top candidate does not get a majority of the votes, a runoff election with the top two candidates will be held on November 25, 2008.”

Senator Thad Cochran, the other Mississippi U.S. Senator, is up for re-election this year. Cochran’s opponent is former Mississippi State Representative Erik Fleming. Cochran has been serving in the senate since 1978.

I suggest that all conservatives in Mississippi and elsewhere support both of the very conservative Republican incumbents.


Both Senators Roger Wicker and Thad Cochran are classified by website as being Hard-Core Conservatives. In contrast that same website classifies Senators Barack Obama, Edward Kennedy and Hillary Clinton as a Hard-Core Liberals. Think polar opposites, not melting polar icecaps!

Most pollsters consider Senator Cochran’s re-election a safe bet. There is a little less certainty with Senator’s Wicker’s re-election.

There is a good possibility that both seats will remain in the R column. It is much more important that the stay in the C for conservative column.


To support Senators Wicker and Cochran’s candidacies, which I urge you to do in both cases, see their respective websites: and to learn more about each senator, to make a campaign contribution, and to volunteer your service, etc.

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