Friday, October 24, 2008

Obama: Could Be Second Coming of J.C.

Or worse!

Louis Farrakhan has again referred to Barack Obama as the ‘messiah.’

“And many people now say that they, too, believe that he is the second coming of J.C., not Jesus Christ, but the second coming of of another J.C., Jimmy Carter.”

- - - NewsBusted, Episode 10/24/08

NewsBusters is a conservative news and comedy website. Their newest NewBusted episode includes the excerpt below. See right panel of this blog and click on the video to watch this 2-3 minute comedy YouTube video.
It is hard to imagine a presidency worse than the failed Jimmy Carter administration, but you can be assured that Barack Hussein Obama would be if he is elected President of the United States on November 4th. Jimmy Carter turned out to be a seething liberal appeaser. Barack Obama would take it one step further and would be a seething socialist/Marxist appeaser. America would lose its sovereignty to the United Nations among numerous individual freedoms. there would be more taxes, more spending, more government, more abortions, same-sex marriages and privileged class status for homosexual, lesbians, bisexuals, transgendered, cross dressers and pedophiles . . .

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