Saturday, October 25, 2008

Tom Rooney (R FL 16) to Replace the Democrats’ Own Florida “Foley”?

For a Conservative Congress (U.S. House), Part 13

This will be part of an on-going series, which will identify key races where we either need to retain strong conservatives or to elect strong conservatives. My personal feeling with being faced with two inferior candidates for President offered by our major political parties, we must turn our attention to insuring more conservative American-values oriented persons are elected to the U.S. Congress.

Scandal Ridden Mahoney, Democrat, Seeks Re-Election

reported, “A week ago, Rep. Tim Mahoney, the ethically compromised liberal legislator who replaced Rep. Mark Foley, admitted to adultery, but unlike Foley, is running for re-election anyway.” His wife recently filed for divorce. Double standard, hypocrisy, do the Democrats have no ethics or morals. Obviously not, like the socialists and Marxist, which many of them are, they will do and say anything to get elected. The end justifies the means. The mainstream media had a field day two years ago with Rep. Foley. He was in the news relentlessly. reports that only ABC-TV covered this important story. NBC and CBS is yet to mention it. Disgracefully, biased, shameful are all I can say.

This is one seat that the Republicans can and must pick up this year. The district is Republican, so the chances of defeating this incumbent are good. Therefore the people of Florida must do the right thing and toss this adulterer out on his liberal posterior. He should follow the example of Eliot Spitzer (New York) and Mark Dann (Ohio), Kwame Fitzpatrick (Detroit) other recently disgraced Democrats who were pressured to resign over their moral failures and indiscretions. Mahoney must love the power too much, or he must feel that the Ten Commandments do not apply to him.


Tom Rooney, a republican, claims to be a conservative, who says on his website that he is pro-life and pro-one man, one woman marriage. He also enumerates a number of other conservative issues on his web site. The major “problem” with Rooney is that his family has had some past ownership interest in the Pittsburgh Steelers. Being a native and follower of the Cleveland Browns this taints the man, good thing I do not live in Florida!

His opponent, the incumbent, unrepentant adulterer and tarnished Democrat, Tim Mahoney is rated by as a “Moderate Liberal.” “Immoderate liberal” may now be a more apt description now that the his adulterous relationships have been brought to light! He supported embryonic stem cell research and voted in favor of prohibiting job discrimination based on sexual orientation, which is unnecessary because their are already laws on the books to protect Americans from discrimination.


This contest will be one to watch. Will the people of Florida accept the gross behavior of Rep. Mahoney? Or will they, like Rep. Foley, disqualify him as their representative? We will find out Tuesday, November 4th won’t we?


To support Tom Rooney, see his
website to learn more about him, to make a campaign contribution, to volunteer your service.

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