Tuesday, July 07, 2009

America is me – Reflections on the Tea Parties

Hat tip to nra who on Monday posted the link to a video of a Tea Party song on the Cleveland.com National Political Forum. The following is the description that accompanies the YouTube video, then the video is below the description. I underlined some important points in the description.

“For all information concerning this song and the video: www.mackhayes.com . . .

“I am inspired by the courage of the formerly silent Americans. I attended the tax dayTea Party in my town and was proud to be among people of all walks of life, all ages, and all races. These weren’t left or right wing radicals organized by some political party, bussed to the location, handed signs, and paid to make noise for the media. They were taxpaying proud Americans who have lost trust in the past and current Congress and White House that have brought our nation to the precipice of an economic catastrophe. They are appalled that both parties have, and are, using the very crisis they created to further entrench and expand their power at the expense of every American citizen. This Tea Party protest is the first true grass roots movement I have seen in my lifetime. I hope that my song captures the essence of the Tea Party people and the message. If you agree, please pass this on. If not, I certainly respect your right to disagree. After all that is what the Constitution is all about. Without it we will all lose that right. Please stand up for the Constitution and America.”

God bless us all.

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