Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The ObamaCare Nightmare

Cartoon by Nate Beeler as found at 7/15/09

Hat tip to Rod, who sent the email below. The organization chart (see link below) allows you to visualize the bureaucratic baggage and red tape that would accompany a socialized health care system in America. It is change that the Democrats can keep!

"Here is a link to the Organizational Chart of the House Democrats' Health Plan - please click to view

"Do you want your health care, and that of your loved ones, to depend on this organization?!? Do you want a federal bureaucrat to decide where and when (indeed if!) you and your family get health care?

"Please let your Congressional representatives know that Obama's proposal for "curing" our health care system is worse than the disease!

"Please pass this along and talk to your family and friends. We can, and must, stop this "treatment" proposed for our health care system. If we don't, the results could be catastrophic, for you, and for America!"

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