Sunday, July 05, 2009

Here’s to you, Mr. Jefferson

Hat tip to where I first saw the link to the video embedded below.

Here is an outstanding song, sung to the tune of “Here’s to you, Mrs. Robinson.” The words were written by and performed by the Mike Church and his band. It is very appropriate as we wrap up this Independence Day weekend. This Independence Day could be America's last. I say this because if we continue the despotic and perilous policies of the last six months of this year under the Soetoro/Obama administration, we may self-destruct.

Once again, this week and weekend included many Tea Parties throughout the nation. The words of this song grab the spirit and desires of the people that attended and participated in all the tea parties to date this year . . . There are more to come . . .

Here’s to you, Mr. Jefferson

Adams, Mason Franklin, Garry, Aimes and Washington
Lee and Rutledge, Hancock, Wilson, White
Sherman, Adams, Hall, and Rodney , Penn and Dickenson
Were the 56 men that signed the Declaration of Independence and the thirty-seven that signed the Constitution

And here’s to you Mr. Jefferson
We all miss you more than you will know
Woe, woe, woe

God Bless you please, Mr. Madison
Heaven help these fools that legislate
Rights away, our rights away

We’d like to know
Why you haven’t read all the bills
You’ve filed

We’d like for you
To read them for yourself

Look around you
All you see are patriotic eyes
Stroll around the land the brave and free call home


Hiding all your trillion dollar debts
So we didn’t know

Hide it in your made up
FICA trust fund

It’s a little secret
Just the Congressmen will know

Worst of all
You pass this debt on to the kids

They think we’re fools, Mr. Jefferson . . .

Ripping up our Constitution
Every afternoon

Give themselves a raise
With no debate

Laughin’ at our foundin’ fathers
When they’ve got to choose

Everything they warned us of’s comin’ true

Where have you gone, Ron Wilson Reagan?
Our nation turns its lonely eyes to you
Woo, woo, woo

What that you say , Mr. Jefferson?
Lincoln Burr has left and gone away
And we prayed, wish he stayed.


  1. Matt -

    What do you think she'll do?

    I think she will work for the conservative cause and campaign for strong conservatives across the country. Not sure if she will run herself again . . .

  2. I have no idea what she'll do. She could run for Congress, Senate, or President...If I were to guess, I'd probably be wrong. More importantly than what she does next is that she needs to be convinced that bailouts are bad under any circumstances and to be for a less aggresive foreign policy. This would make a real difference even if she doesn't run for anything again. I don't think that she part of "the conspiracy" (CFR, etc.).

    I have heard good things about her replacement, Sean Parnell.

  3. Matt -

    I heard recently that she was in favor of global warming's cap & trade - very disturbing if she is - a deal breaker to me . . . If she is hopefully she would rethink that position.