Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Its Time We Started Chanagin’ A TEA Party Protest Song

I found this super protest song on Glenn Beck’s 9/12 group website. The words of this true protest song do Bob Dylan’s music proud. The video was posted by strings1955 on YouTube. Below the video are the transcribed lyrics.

Its Time We Started Changin’

(Based on a Bob Dylan tune from the 1960s)

Come gather around people wherever you roam
And admit that the tyrants around you have grown
They’ll take all you hold dear and all that you own
If freedom to you is worth savin’
Then you better stand up or we’ll sink like a stone
For its times we started changin’.

Come all you newscasters and the stuff that you spin
There’s no truth to your stories beginning to end
Is the news that you’re sellin’ so your side will win?
Take care in what you are sayin’
For you reap what you sow and this lyin’ must end
For its time you started changin’.

Come President and Congress hear our new decree
This money you’re spendin’ like sailors on leave,
Not one more red cent are we lettin’ you see
And with one voice we’ll be proclaimin’
If you don’t stop it now, you’ll be back on the street
For its time you started changin’.

Come mothers and fathers throughout the land
Now is the time you must make a stand
For your children’s future is still in your hands
And their freedom is rapidly fadin’
So take back this country for them while you can
For its time you started changin’.

The line it is drawn now here in the sand
And it reaches across all through this great land
Like our Founding Fathers, let’s all take a stand
Pledge your lives, fortunes and honor
To keep what they started, let’s start over again
For the times they are a changin’.

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  1. Hey thanks for posting the vid on your blog. Please pass it on to as many as you can.