Monday, July 20, 2009

Bigoted Barbara Boxer Behaves Badly

Harry Alford accuses Sen. Boxer (D-CA) of racial animus

I heard the audio of the YouTube video embedded below on a talk show on Friday. Then I found the video on the website along with an audio interview with Mr. Alford by radio talk show host John Ziegler. Both interesting and revealing recordings are embedded below.

Michael Eden in his StartThinkRight blog has an excellent article, "Barbara Boxer Caught In The Act Exhibiting Classic Liberal Racism," which elaborates on Barbara Boxer's bigoted behavior. Here is how Eden opens his article describing Boxer's attitude toward Mr. Alford during the hearing:

It’s liberal racism. And liberal racism is multiculturalism, pluralism, identity politics, moral relativism, a profound hostility to American exceptionalism, and the most cynical kind of demagoguery for partisan political benefit all rolled into one incredibly self righteous package.

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