Friday, July 10, 2009

Why the USA is so messed up

Molotov Mitchell: Who’s to Blame? Passive Pastors

Here is an excellent video commentary by WorldNetDaily’s commentator Molotov Mitchell. America’s core problem is spiritual and not economic. Mitchell identifies the true Christian Church and its leaders as those who share much of the blame for America’s moral depravity and the seeming removal of God’s blessings upon this nation. Click on this link:

Here is a partial transcript of this important video:

“. . . How do you think we ended up in this crisis (or mess)? How did we elect a Congress full of anti-American socialists? How did we elect (Barry Soetoro a/k/a) Barack Hussein Obama?

- the guy from Rev. Wright’s church
- the guy who systematically is destroying our economy and dropping charges against Muslim terrorist
- a guy . . . who refuses to unseal his citizenship records

“Are Americans just that stupid? . . . .

“. . . After decades of public education that that is part of it (the problem, the reason we are in the mess we are in). But it goes even deeper.

“All of us share in the blame, but who is GOD most upset with?

“Priests and pastors are the voice of America’s conscience. Many of them have grown SILENT leaving congregations of voters adrift and confused.

“When Notre Dame (University) was defiling is own name by inviting Barack Obama, why didn’t the cardinals step in and put a stop to it? Why does (Televangelist) Joel Osteen refer to like HOMESEXUAL ‘MARRIAGE’ & ABORTION as mere ‘distractions’? What Joel means is that it distracts people from coming to his church and more importantly, tithing.

“Many so-called shepherds whisper something about tax-exempt status as an excuse before slinking off to do their version of Your Best Life.


“But the government doesn’t have the power to dictate what is taught in a House of Worship!


“Last year the Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) set out to prove that point. Pastors from across America united to defy the IRS and its imaginary power by publicly endorsing candidates from the pulpit. Many of them had the cajones to even send their sermons to the IRS before they preached them. And guess what happened?Absolutely NOTHING!

“America will NOT survive if the Church doesn’t take a stand. Jesus never ran from controversy. So if your pastor or priest does, I suggest you leae. My wife and I had to do it. Leave and find a church where the leadership is not afraid to take a stand for what is right. Shepherds should not fear their flock. That is not leadership. That is not Jesus.”

“More from Molotov at:

Molotov Mitchell, WorldNetDaily's video commentator, provides his enlightened commentary every Wednesday on WND’s commentary page. WND’s describes Mitchell as follows:

“As a political communications strategist, Mitchell's Internet videos have reached millionsonline, and his work being featured in the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, MSNBC, Harper's Magazine, Wired, American Thinker and Fox News. . .

Mitchell says he became a Christian through analytical reasoning, and staunchly opposes what he calls "casual faith." Specializing in reaching the "under 40" demographic, Mitchell believes that his generation has been called by God to end abortion.”

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  1. Anonymous2:44 PM

    Organized religion is a joke. Plenty of money to be made with it though. "Organized Christianity" is getting pissed because they are losing their power. And that's really what it's all about with these organized "churches". My way or the highway. I've long since been done with xtianity and it's patriachal BS. If God created man, then He is responsible for creating gays too. WHO are xtians to assault Gods creations? Hippoctrites. Same for Islam.