Saturday, July 25, 2009

Obama visits flyover land

I had the day off on Thursday, July 23rd, so I took a trip to Cleveland, Ohio, which was where President Soetoro alias Obama visited the Cleveland Clinic and later Shaker Heights High School. It was at the school that the President held another propaganda session (disguised as a town hall meeting). The rain came down in sheets of rain for a portion of the drive up to Cleveland. By the time I arrived the heavy rain subsided.

I arrived a bit late to the ObamaCare protest that emanated from Shaker Town Square, which proceeded down Lee Road to Shaker Heights High School. Before I caught up with the 400-500 or so ObamaCare protesters, I caught a glimpse of President Soetoro aka Obama’s motorcade: 4-6 motorcycle, 8 black SUVs and a couple of limousines. I unfurled my soggy sign, hoping the man would see it. It read, “ObamaCare: It’s to die for.” I had "Where's the Birth Certificate?" on the reverse side.

Several streets were barricaded so I ended up walking quite a bit. My sign was getting more and more soaked.

I met people from all over Ohio including Cincinnati and Stubenville and Cleveland. Some of the protest signs were quite illustrative. This was another TEA Party Action event. The Tea Party Movement is growing, because more and more people are awakening as to what this President and this Congress are trying to do to America.
Check out the photos that document my adventure.
President's First Stop (to a First-Class Operation)

The sprawling Cleveland Clinic reclaiming much of Cleveland's ghetto. The President had stopped here sometime between 12:00 and 1:00 PM then was driven to a local suburban high school where he participated in a town hall meeting.

Heightened Security (What About Our Borders?)

Lee Road and Aldersyde. This is the intersection where the President's motorcade turned. People without tickets to the Town Hall Event where not permitted to walk down this street (Aldersyde)t.

To the Snake Charmer: No Snake Oil for US!

Black & White: A Crucial Conversation:

A civil conversation between citizens!

. Media Coverage of Protesters:

WOIO TV, Channel 19 See news coverage of protesters click here

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