Tuesday, July 07, 2009

The Palin Shoo

Cartoon by Glenn Foden as found on Townhall.com 7/6/09
Cartoon by Gary Varvel as found on Townhall.com 7/6/09

I don't blame Governor Sarah Palin from resigning. The Democratic-controlled opposition media has had it sights on Governor Palin since she appeared on the scene last fall. The Chicago political thugs currently stationed in the White House are intent on destroying their toughest opposition. She is a substantial foe. I do not think she succumbed to the media, I think she wants to get out of debt caused by trying to preserve her name and reputation. She will be back. Mano a mano against Barry Soetoro a/k/a Barack Obama she has an excellent chance on winning despite the overwhelming bias and negativity generated by the likes of Couric, Gibson, Williams and Matthews in the opposition media. Even the establishment RINOs and so-called moderate Republicans dislike her.
Why is she so hated by the political elite in both parties and the feminists and Hollywood? It is because she is a real Christian and a strong conservative. She respects life and traditional family and the values, virtues and principles that made America great. She believes in free-enterprise, capitalism and in keeping to the original intent of the Constitution. To the aforementioned these are anathema.
The only ones that apparently do like Sarah Palin are the majority of the American people. She has great obstacles to overcome, not the least of which are some of her own wrong positions such as I understand, is her dubious position in favor of the Global Warming Hoax inspired, economy-crushing Cap & Trade (Tax).

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