Wednesday, July 08, 2009

MJ Dies, But TJ Lives

Molotov Mitchell: The spirit of Thomas Jefferson lives!

Here is an excellent video commentary by WorldNetDaily’s commentator Molotov Mitchell. It is in keeping with the recent Independence Day celebrations. It is also in keeping with our remembrances of a very different America as established and envisioned by our Founders, in contrast with nation being led today by Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama and by the other radical liberal Democrat elites.

More from Molotov at:

The Charlottesville, Virginia TEA Party was a tremendous success. In this clip, Molotov Mitchell addresses over 1,000 patriots gathered in Jackson Park concerning Thomas Jefferson, Iran, Honduras and "a storm in the atmosphere".

Molotov Mitchell, WorldNetDaily's video commentator, provides his enlightened commentary every Wednesday on WND’s commentary page. WND’s describes Mitchell as follows:

“As a political communications strategist, Mitchell's Internet videos have reached millions online, and his work being featured in the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, MSNBC, Harper's Magazine, Wired, American Thinker and Fox News. . .

Mitchell says he became a Christian through analytical reasoning, and staunchly opposes what he calls "casual faith." Specializing in reaching the "under 40" demographic, Mitchell believes that his generation has been called by God to end abortion.”

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