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The Stoning of Soraya M. (2009)

“Powerful film about a stoning in Iran:The Stoning of Soraya M.’ is not for casual viewing. Based on a true story, this powerful film recounts the killing of a wrongly accused woman in a small Iranian village in 1986.” --- Clint O’Connor, (Cleveland) Plain Dealer, Friday Magazine, 7/17/09

It took two weeks for ‘The Stoning of Soraya M.' to make its way into a movie theater in Ohio. See my previous posting regarding this movie. Actually, I happened to be in Cleveland yesterday and took in an afternoon showing. The Cedar-Lee Theater in Cleveland is the only theater in the state of Ohio that is showing this intense and important movie.

The inhuman act of stoning, like slavery, goes in many Islamic nations at the present time. In Islam the woman is a second class citizen with little or no rights. (Where is the outrage, N.O.W.’s radical feminists?)

This movie tells the story of one woman’s plight, and the courage of another woman to get that story out to the world. It gives a great insight into the cruelty and hate-based religious-political-military system that is Islam. Its adherents desire to portray Islam as the religion of ‘peace’. However, it is more like the religion of piece, meaning body parts. This is in reference to limbs amputated as punishment for simple crimes of theft. That nicety was not on display in this movie, but a torturous stoning scene was.

Soraya’s wicked, evil, even demonic husband falls in love with a 14 year-old girl and seeks to get out of his current marriage. Soraya is a good, honorable wife, who is victimized by this monster. The monster is her husband and the system gone wrong.

One interesting dynamic to watch throughout the movie is the interaction between the children (two boys and two girls) of Soraya and her corrupt husband. You will see the love of Soraya and the self-centeredness of the husband. What is particularly tragic is how the two older children, the boys, turn on their mother and even take up stones to throw against her.

Jim Caviezel plays a French journalist, Freidoune Sahebjam, who is made aware of the atrocity that occurred to Soraya. He is shown at the beginning and at the end of the movie. Caviezel is the actor who portrayed Jesus Christ in the Passion of the Christ. That movie, too, showed the brutal and inhuman tortuous treatment of a person. The difference being that Jesus was God-man dying so that men might be reconciled to God. The story of Soraya’s death helps to inform the world the true nature of Islam and its god.

This movie is a telling tragedy of the shenanigans that too often go on in the Muslim world. If nothing more, this movie presents a glimpse of what goes on behind the Islamic curtain.


I rate this movie ****1/2 stars out of *****. It is violent, and is correctly rated R because of it. Young children should not be permitted to see the movie.

I think that this movie should be shown to every high school and college aged student in America to present a balance to the indoctrination being feed to students in the pretext of cultural diversity about Islam. Even our past President had a false notion that Islam was a religion of peace. However, 9/11, this movie, and the on going persecution of Christians and anyone else who does not submit to Islam in those countries where Shariah Law predominates shows the true face of Islam.

Islam defined

Origin: 1605–15; <>submission (to god) [to Allah and to Muhammad]

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