Friday, July 10, 2009

Reality Report – July 7, 2009 - Chicago Tea Party

Reality Report - #13

In this edition Gary Franchi reports from the Chicago Tea Party, Ron Paul weighs in on Cap and Trade, Jesse Jackson shows up, provides an update on the Sponsor a patriot program and the top story about the first attempted blockage of Audit the Fed in the Senate.


“On the 4th of July millions of Americans gathered in town squares and parks all across the Republic not to watch fireworks or to go on carnival rides, but to revive the spirit of revolution and to call to task the CRIMINAL syndicate in Washington, D.C., who are eroding our freedoms. . .

“There is a revolution brewing in America today and you have the choice to either sit on the sidelines and watch or stand with us (at ) and take action. . .”

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  1. Thanks for the update on the Audit the Fed Bill. S. 604 has only 8 cosponsors so far, but the House version, H.R 1207, has 260! This is more than enough to pass, if it were to come to a vote. Every Republican in the House except 3 have signed on plus about 80 Dems. Pelosi has been blocking the vote and the Fed actually has a lobbyist trying to stop it!